My life would be easier if we employed expats. Here is why we don’t!

Every so often, we receive an email from amazing hospitality professionals interested in working with us at the Cayuga Collection.  This is the response that I just sent back to a potential General Manager who was referred to us by our friend Harsha L’Acqua from Saira Hospitality (check out the amazing work they do training […]

Keeping up the Spirits during Challenging Times

This week, we had our second Cayuga Collection management “get together” of the year.  The last 12 months have been tough on all of us so it was clear that we could not do business as usual.  We could not expect our managers and corporate team to get excited about looking at spreadsheets, cash flow […]

Will Post-Pandemic Tourism turn into Regenerative Travel?

The answer is a definite…. maybe.  Just as in so many things, there is no black and white here.  I have heard many tourism and sustainability experts on online panels predict that sustainability will play a mayor important role in travel and tourism after the pandemic.  Honestly, I am not so sure – although, of […]

Reopening Isla Palenque – The Most Perfect “getting away from it all” Getaway

We are excited to announce the reopening of Isla Palenque on October 15th.  Cayuga Collection’s Panamanian National Geographic Unique Lodge features only eight secluded beachfront casitas and one six-room home on a 400-acre tropical island with 7 secluded beaches.  Isla Palenque in the Golfo de Chiriqui is what you have been dreaming of while spending […]

Here is what you can count on during these crazy uncertain times!

It has been a struggle for all of us during these past months.  When we are forced to live on a “day by day and week by week” motto, it is certainly good to know that there are some things that you can be totally certain about.  By being “Strong Today and Extraordinary Tomorrow” we […]

The Cayuga Gratitude Giveaway

Inspired by tributes to the hard work and sacrifice of Essential Workers, we wanted to do something positive for our friends in travel and shine the light on some of the heroes of the tourism industry. The Travel Advisors, Destination Specialists and members of their team who have worked especially hard this year, often for nothing in return, […]

Building Trust with our Guests – The Transparent Hotel Operation

People With A Passion For Hospitality

We will be giving interested guests access to our back of the house to learn about our sanitary measures and how we keep our staff and our guests safe. This is nothing new at Cayuga. But it is about continued transparency and building trust. For more than 15 years, we have been offering complimentary “Back […]

Missing Paradise? Stream it Live from Manuel Antonio!

On July 3rd, Cayuga will reopen the Arenas Del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Meanwhile, if you’re missing paradise, you can now stream it live from wherever you are. For views of Playa Espadilla down to the National Park from the hotel’s Mirador Restaurant, take a look below. We hope […]

Hospitality without Guests – A Peek Behind our Closed Resort Doors

At the Cayuga Collection, we live our passion for service, people’s wellbeing, and sustainability through luxury hospitality. Unfortunately, right now we’re living it without guests. Just like the rest of the tourism industry around the world, we have been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis. But through it we’ve stayed optimistic. Strong today and extraordinary tomorrow. […]