Nurturing People & Place

The Cayuga Way

Community & Conservation

At the Cayuga Collection, our style of sustainable tourism is one which enhances the geographical character of a destination. National Geographic call it Geotourism – we treat it as The Cayuga Way.

In every location we operate, we strive to sustain and enhance the environment, culture, heritage and the well-being of our local residents.

Learn more about our Collection-wide and Hotel-specific projects below.

Private Nature Reserves


Protecting Thousands of Acres of Endangered
Tropical Rainforest

Many of our hotels occupy remote Rainforest locations. That’s why we make it a priority to preserve the natural surroundings.

For example, Isla Palenque in Panama’s Gulf of Chiriquí protects 400-acres of old-growth rainforest on the island. Arenas Del Mar is also set within 11 acres of private nature reserve, a plot of land which has been reforested over the last two decades with over 7,000 native trees and thousands of endemic plants.

This is the Future of Tourism & travel

“Owned by visionaries, operated by a leader in Costa Rican responsible travel, and staffed by some of the most personable and professional people one is likely to meet, I cannot imagine a more authentic sustainable place within one of the most biodiverse destinations of the world. This is the future of tourism and travel.”

– Timothy, Seattle

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