The Cayuga Way

Community & Conservation
At The Heart Of Our Hotels

Nurturing People And Place

At the Cayuga Collection, our style of sustainable tourism is one which enhances the geographical character of a destination. National Geographic call it Geotourism – we treat it as The Cayuga Way.

In every location we operate, we strive to sustain and enhance the environment, culture, heritage and the well-being of our local residents. In essence, we make it our mission to look after our people and our places.

At A Glance

Collection-Wide & Hotel-Specific Projects

Earth Equilibrium

Supporting Students through the Generous Donations of our Guests

For almost ten years, the Cayuga Collection has supported Earth Equilibrium, a non-profit organization created to advance more sustainable ways of living in the rural communities where our hotels and lodges operate.

The organization’s Building for the Future program works to improve basic school infrastructure and provide essential classroom supplies such as pencils, paper, and physical education equipment.

Their Learning is Change program concentrates on educational programs which teach the young students about the importance of environmental stewardship. A third program called Books to Fly installs small libraries in the rural schools that our hotels support.

Lapa Rios Guide School

Inspiring a New Generation of Naturalist Guides & Conservationists on the Osa Peninsula

In 2016, Lapa Rios Lodge pioneered the Lapa Rios Guide School. Led by the lodge’s Head Guide, Danila Alvarez Seguro, his objective was to train up new guides from the local area to have a reserve for the hotel, and to raise the overall standards of tour quality in the area, ending the days of “importing” guides to the Osa.

Since then, classes have grown and are now attended by various employees of different hotel departments as well as local tourism students. The school’s reach is potentially great: by training the guides on our philosophy of nature conservation and sustainability, the goal is to inspire a new generation of advocates for the preservation of the surrounding rainforest.

Private Nature Reserves

Protecting Thousands of Acres of Endangered Tropical Rainforest

Many of our hotels and lodges occupy rainforest locations and make it a priority to preserve their natural surroundings. Most notably, Lapa Rios sits within a 1000-acre private nature reserve which acts as a wildlife corridor and protective barrier for the 100,000-acre, mega-biodiverse Corcovado National Park. This expanse of Central America’s last remaining tropical lowland rainforest is protected by a conservation easement which prohibits all extractive activities such as mining, forestry and hunting, as well as the building of mass tourism infrastructure.

Arenas del Mar is also set within 11 acres of private nature reserve, a plot of land which has been reforested over the last two decades with over 7,000 native trees and thousands of endemic plants. Isla Palenque too in Panama’s Gulf of Chiriquí protects 400 acres of old-growth rainforest on the island.

A Commitment to Community & Conservation​

“Owned by visionaries, operated by a leader in Costa Rican responsible travel, and staffed by some of the most personable and professional people one is likely to meet, I cannot imagine a more authentic sustainable place within one of the most biodiverse destinations of the world. This is the future of tourism and travel.”

Timothy, Seattle (stayed at Lapa Rios Lodge)

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