What it means to us to win the WWTC Tourism for Tomorrow Award

“To be nominated as a finalist is a major honor.  To win is one of the ultimate accolades in tourism.”  […]

How we do Sustainability – The Cayuga Way!

How we do Sustainability – The Cayuga Way!

We strive to create the perfect symbiosis of Sustainability and Luxury for our guests in our Hotels, Resorts and Lodges […]

Where to go when you have a week of vacation time in Panama

Disclaimer:  Yes, we are biased as we do manage Isla Palenque and believe it is one of the greatest places […]

Marketing Luxury Hotels and Lodges in the Tropics: The best Strategy is… 

What is the secret to successful hotel marketing in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama?  How to make sure that the […]

Trends? Sometimes we prefer to stick to the Cayuga Way.

A few weeks ago, the New York Times published an article  in the TRENDING section of their newspaper under the […]

Off the Beaten Path

Where to Go for an “Off the Beaten Path” Authentic Experience this Summer

Getting away from the crowds is a major vacation consideration these days.  In a world where “over-tourism” has become a […]

Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Ricca

A Luxury Beachfront Hotel in the Tropics designed for “Discomfort”? 

Wait a minute?  Why would you design a beach house to make your guests feel a certain level of “discomfort” […]

Cayuga Staff Stories:  The Housekeeper with the Greatest Smile at the Harmony Hotel

“I dreaded the visits by the Cayuga Corporate Team before.  It meant long lists of things to fix, improve and […]

Sustainable Luxury Hotels: Why is there no competition for what we do? 

We are a management company for Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges.  We often get asked who our “competition” is.  Who […]

One Island – Seven Tropical Beaches – Isla Palenque, Panama

One Island – Seven Tropical Beaches – Isla Palenque, Panama

We are weeks away from inaugurating The Cayuga Collection’s newest sustainable luxury resort in the Gulf of Chiriqui on Panama’s […]