What it means to be a Manager at the Cayuga Collection

The Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges are not for everybody.  We often warn guests that a stay at our hotels […]

Takeaways from a week at National Geographic Headquarters

Every year in June, the owners and directors of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World meet for a […]

Just do it!  Ten pieces of sustainability advice that will help you to feel good about your next vacation. 

We were recently featured in a New York Times Article by Elaine Glusac about how to “Green your Summer Vacation”.  While […]

Nat Geo’s CEO falls in love with the Osa Peninsula

“There are very few places left in the world as pristine and natural as the Osa Peninsula,” said National Geographic […]

Tropical Cocktails at Corporate Training?

At least four times every year, we organize a Cayuga “Get Together” for our top level management staff of the […]

Why Glass Bottles are Better than Plastic

From an environmental point of view, most people have already come to the right conclusion when it comes to one […]

Sea Lions in Costa Rica?

Sea Lions are not native to Costa Rica.   But a couple of weeks ago, one of the managers of […]

Gallo Pinto

Gallo Pinto: The Production Behind the Popular Dish in Costa Rica

Gallo pinto, or “Spotted Rooster” is a Costa Rican meal that can be found on every menu and in every […]

Storyteller in Residence 2017

Announcing Storyteller In Residence 2017

Last year, we launched a program called Storyteller in Residence with our Co-Presenters, Mike and Kim from Coffee Abroad. Our […]

The Weather In Costa Rica

The Weather in Costa Rica:  Why the “Weather App” almost always gets it wrong…

Living in North America or Europe, many of our guests are used to turning to their weather apps when planning […]