Employees of the Cayuga Collection

Employees of the Cayuga Collection: Meet Allan of Arenas del Mar Resort

At the Cayuga Collection, we’re lucky enough to work exclusively with extraordinary people.  They’re 100% dedicated hospitality professionals and their […]

The Zika Virus: What’s the Situation in Costa Rica?

The Zika Virus: What’s the Situation in Costa Rica?

Zika first made it into the news big time in February 2016.  Back then, we published a blog recommending that […]

Isla Palenque Panama

Understanding the Isla Palenque Experience

Cayuga Collection’s Isla Palenque Resort in the Golfo de Chiriqui in Panama has been open to guests for a month […]

Health is the new Wealth – A Global Megatrend Shaping the Consumer Market

At Cayuga, we believe in healthy lifestyles and a stay at one of our sustainable luxury hotels and lodges in […]

Measuring the Success of Tourism – It’s not All in the Numbers

“Tourism acts like fire.  If used right, it can change the world for the better.  But if it gets out […]

Weather Forecast for the rainy season in Costa Rica

What is the Weather Forecast for the rainy season in Costa Rica? 

If you live in a place like London, New York, Chicago, Berlin or Toronto, most likely you are planning your […]

Anniversary Celebrations – The Cayuga way!

We planted 721 Trees:   Anniversary Celebrations – The Cayuga way!

During the month of May, we celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the Cayuga Collection.  We wanted to leave a positive […]

Santa Teresa’s Best Fish Tacos:  From Housekeeper to Chef

Meet Lauren Francini Cruz.   She is responsible for the fresh and delicious food that our guests at Latitude 10° Resort in […]

We Smell Change in the Air

Why do we accept flying on airplanes as completely unsustainable experiences?   At the Cayuga Collection, we are considered world leaders […]

Isla Palenque – Island Luxury and Sustainability in a class of its own

On July 1st, 2018, Isla Palenque will join the Cayuga Collection as its first Panamanian Hotel.  It will redefine sustainable […]