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We've put together some of your top questions about travelling to Costa Rica. Let's get started.

Do I need to get any special shots, immunizations or vaccinations?

No. It’s not a must to get shots, immunizations, inoculations, or vaccinations to enter Costa Rica…

In the last few years, there have been occasional cases of dengue fever spread by mosquitoes in certain urbanized areas – those cases have occurred in areas with stagnant water and a history of the disease. Make sure you pack insect repellant.

And if you do need to seek special care, the medical care in Costa Rica is of very high quality. It’s considered to be the best in Central America. San Jose especially, has excellent hospitals, medical facilities and doctors that attend almost exclusively to foreign residents and travelers.

What about the water. Is it safe to drink?

Yes. In almost all parts of Costa Rica the drinking water is safe. The same goes for when you stay at any of our hotels in the Cayuga Collection. Our hotels have their own water filtration systems – that means you’ll get 100% safe, drinkable water from the tap. No plastic water bottles!!!

Do I need a special Visa to travel to Costa Rica?

If you’re from Australia, United Kingdom, European Union, Canada and the United States, you don’t require a special VISA but we do recommend to read full details and passport document requirements here.

Is Costa Rica a safe country?

Absolutely it is! Our political stability, well developed health care system and fact that we don’t have an army earned us the nickname …

“Switzerland of Central America”. In the past years, we’ve seen more and more parents bring their children here on exotic family vacations.

But just like anywhere in the world, apply your common sense. Visitors often have a very relaxed attitude and sometimes petty thieves take advantage of this, especially on the beach. Avoid certain areas of San Jose after dark. Take the same precautions as if traveling to metropolitan cities or in the US or Europe.

What should I pack?

Pack light and leave the dinner jacket at home. The dress-code in Costa Rica and at the Cayuga Collection properties is (strictly!) informal. Watch a video of our ‘MUST-PACK ESSENTIALS’.

Q: Which season is right for me?

There are two seasons in Costa Rica – Dry Season and Green Season. Knowing which one is right for you depends on a few things. See how each Season compares. We break it down easy right here.

What about transportation. How do I get around in Costa Rica?

This depends mostly on your time and budget, but we think a combination of ground and domestic flights is best. Check out our recommendations.

Where are all the Cayuga Collection properties located?

Our hotels & eco lodges are dotted along the Pacific Coast, forming a trail from the Osa Peninsula in the South, to Guanacaste in the North. You can even build-in a visit to Granada, Nicaragua or the Gulf of Chiriqui in Panama! See a Map of where our hotels are located along the Cayuga Pacific Coast Trail.

Did we cover everything?
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‘Must-Pack Essentials’

Watch the video to see everything you’ll need
for your adventure to Costa Rica

Which season is right for me?

Although anytime is a great time to visit Costa Rica,
we hope this quick comparison will help you find the right time for you.

Dry Season

December to April

What the Weather’s Like: Gorgeous, sunny days ranging from 75 to 95 degrees (F) depending on which area in Costa Rica you're visiting

Why You’ll Like Dry Season:
Gorgeous, sunny days with no rain
You like the buzz & energy of meeting travelers

You Might Prefer Dry Season If:
You want to trade your winter parka for a pair of shorts
You like the buzz and energy of being around other travelers

Green Season


What the Weather’s Like: It usually rains only for a few hours during the day, most often in the afternoon and at night; it often comes and goes quickly. The rain is “warm” rain and in most cases will not influence your activities or tours

Why You’ll Like Green Season:
Lower international airfares
Discounted room rates
Less crowded tours & activities
Lush rainforest makes for that perfect photo

You Might Prefer Green Season If:
You're on a budget and are looking for value
You live in a very dry, hot climate and want more comfortable heat and lush green vegetation
You like the idea of less crowds and want to feel like a local

Want our honest opinion? Many of our friends ask us this same
question so we wrote a blog post about it. Read it right here.

Getting Around Costa Rica

By Plane

Ever fly on a 6-seater Beaver?
Watch why you'll love Costa Rica by air:

These are 6-25 Passenger Small Prop Planes. This is a very common way of getting around the country and domestic flights operate year-round, daily. You can fly to major cities like Liberia or Quepos and more remote places like the Osa Peninsula.

Travel Time. Costa Rica is a small country, but traveling between destinations often takes longer than expected due to our mountain ranges. Take out your camera and enjoy your bird’s eye view!


Sansa Airlines
From San Jose (SJO) airport only

By Car

Like to venture out on your own?
See how you’ll explore Costa Rica up close:

Rent a 4×4. If you plan to visit remote areas like “the Osa”, consider this option. The extra ‘oopmf’ will make a difference when you cross streams or encounter muddy terrain. Remember, our roads may not be what you‘re used to.

Hire a Private Driver with a Minivan. If you’re traveling with family or a large group, consider this option. You’ll get to stop at sights along the way.


National Rent A Car

Toyota Rent A Car

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