The Tropical Island Experience
You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama

Isla Palenque Resort

You want a truly untouched tropical island experience. You want an undiscovered, faraway place that will energize you, refresh you, and send you back home anew.

Well, Traveler. You found us.

This is the heart of Isla Palenque, a 400-acre, private, tropical island resort in the Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama.

It is a rare place. Rich in primary forest, 7 secluded beaches and a sacred history of archaeological significance. Isla Palenque resort is right out of a page of your favorite, fantasy island novel.

Because what is life, without a sense of wonder.


A 400-Acre, Luxury Island Resort


Where Beauty Sleep
Meets the Wild

Each Beachfront Casita is tucked away in palm groves with a private path straight to the ocean and 1.3 km of pristine beachfront on Playa Palenque.

Designed with indoor-outdoor living in mind, you’ll luxuriate in your open-air lounge area and bath, and have all the extravagances you’d expect from a comfy, modern hideaway. With only 8 luxury, Beachfront Casitas on our 400-acre island, Isla Palenque is exclusive to a privileged few.


  • Private, Tropical Island in Panama
  • National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World
  • Visit a Pre-Columbian site with historical & archaeological significance

Make Your Journey to
the Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama

Isla Palenque

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