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in Green Season

Running from May to mid-December, “Green Season” is the time of year when the rains return — a welcome respite from the dry months and when you’ll best see Costa Rica burst back into bloom.

You’ll be able to check off all your bucket list adventures, plus more. There are wildlife experiences you can only have at this time of year. And with waters at their highest, you’ll enjoy ideal conditions for adrenaline activities like rafting and waterfall rappelling.

*Here’s a funny tidbit: Weather apps in Costa Rica during Green Season can be misleading! We explain here in our blog post —What is the Weather Forecast for the Rainy Season in Costa Rica.

If you’re curious what a typical day in Green Season looks like, watch the video below:

Why You’ll Love Green Season

  • Bucket List experiences like turtle nesting and whale watching
  • Fewer tourists mean quiet beaches and more intimate tours 
  • Excellent seasonal savings on international airfares, hotel rates and hotel upgrades
  • Agreeable tropical temperatures
  • It coincides with the summer for you family vacation or honeymoon

What to Expect
May – June


If privacy and much-needed adult time is what you seek, this season is yours

Quiet time for just the two of you? That girlfriend trip you’ve been meaning to plan? We recommend May and June —hands-down! Why? During May and June, there just aren’t many children around. They’re still in school. Like other honeymooners, couples or groups of friends traveling together, you too might enjoy the adult atmosphere. Plus, you can also take advantage of travel promotions. Is a tropical honeymoon on your wish list? Download our Honeymoon Mini-Guide. By June, rivers are wild once more and the scenery along their banks are lush and green. That makes May and June a great time for rafting near the Central Pacific Coast. Waterfalls are also at their most spectacular, including the iconic Nauyaca Falls.
  • River Rafting
  • Beach and Waterfall Adventures
  • Surfing on the Caribbean Coast

What to Expect in
July – August


Planning that big family getaway? This is your season

This is the time to take your family to Costa Rica. Why? Costa Rica is abuzz with other families and lots of activity —and you’ll still find that popular spots aren’t as comparably crowded as in our “high season”.

Is this your first family vacation to Costa Rica? Download our Family Mini-Guide.

Weather-wise, temperatures during July and August are pleasant. Costa Rica experiences something of a mini summer during this time as well, or veranillo, as the locals call it. This is when there’s a significant dip in rainfall for a number of weeks in July and August. Keep in mind, some regions experience veranillo more than others and it can be tricky to predict.

During this time, you’ll also see the arrival of the Humpback Whales to Costa Rica’s Central and South Pacific Coast. They migrate annually from colder climates to our warm waters to breed and teach their young the ways of the ocean.

  • Humpback Whale-Watching on the Pacific Coast begins
  • River Rafting
  • Surfing on the Caribbean Coast

What to Expect in
September – October


This season is for the
wildlife warriors

If a tough mudder adventure is calling your name, this is your season. From September to October, when it rains, it usually pours —typically on the Pacific Coast.

Rafting is at its all-time best because with rain, comes wicked rapids. The Humpback whale migration is in full swing as they calve in the warm, Pacific waters. This means you’ll have the chance to catch a glimpse of a colossal, rising momma humpback and her little one while she blows out a 3ft cloud of ocean spray.

September and October also play host to another natural event called an arribada, or, arrival. You’ll spot thousands of female Oliver Ridley turtles at the Ostional Wildlife Refuge just beyond Nosara laying their eggs on the beach the night before each new moon, when the sky is at its darkest.

Looking to avoid the rains? Head to the Caribbean Coast. Surfers can avoid the rain by heading to Puerto Viejo on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast. During this time it’s sunny in contrast to the Pacific, and October is perhaps the best month to visit.

  • Humpback Whale-Watching on the Pacific Coast
  • Oliver Ridley Turtle Nesting in Nosara
  • River Rafting
  • Surfing on the Caribbean Coast

What to Expect in
November – Mid-December


Costa Rica's Secret
"Sweet-spot" Season

Our opinion on the best time to visit Costa Rica? Is this time exactly. The best weather. The skies begin to clear, the rains take leave, and the number of sunshine hours gradually increase.

You’ll just beat the December holiday season influx. In most cases, you’ll still take advantage of airfare, hotel promotions and upgrades.

Everything is lush and green. Wildlife activity is at its finest. Surfers come back to their favorite waves on the Pacific ocean.

  • Oliver Ridley Turtle Nesting in Nosara —your last chance!
  • Humpback Whale-Watching on the South Pacific Coast —your last chance!
  • Surfing on the Pacific Coast

Beyond Amazing

“I’ve stayed in places around the world and this place surpasses every hope and expectation of wonderful…There is no question in my mind that this will be a repeat trip for us and maybe a regular trip every year in the future.”

– Tiffany, New Orleans

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