When You Need to Step Back
From Day-to-Day Operations

Hospitality Management For Hotel Owners

Imagine a hospitality management company that gives you total peace of mind.

Makes you proud because you are financially successful.
Guests turn into raving fans.

Everyone in the community wants to work for you.

And your operation improves the local community and protects the environment.

We do this for you.


At Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality, we’ve dedicated the last 20 years to managing and developing independently-owned luxury hotels and resorts in Latin America.

These properties are driven by an ecological, conservationist or sustainable mission.

From our home-base in San José, Costa Rica, we’ve proudly led eco-lodge and boutique hotel management in Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua since 1999. What we do is similar to the work of more well-known management companies such as Marriott, Four Seasons or Hyatt.

What makes us different? Our approach and commitment to Sustainable Luxury.

We work exclusively with hotel owners and developers who share an unwavering commitment to sustainability and quality. We offer them a full suite of hospitality solutions so that they can step back from day-to-day operations.

Many of our clients began their properties as a labor of love. Today, they entrust us with their destinations so they can spend more time with their families. Enjoy retirement. Take care of their businesses. Travel to new places. Start new passion projects.

Our management services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each property. And we always keep this end goal in mind:

Redefine the standards of upscale hospitality, creating a symbiosis of luxury and sustainability that is loved by our guests and employees alike.


What We Manage For You

  • Existing & New Hospitality Operations:
    Reservations, Front Desk & Concierge
    Housekeeping, Maintenance, & Gardening
    Restaurant, Kitchen, & Food Programs
    Human Resources, Security & Accounting
    Guided Tours & Experiences, Wellness & Spa Programs
    Local Artisans & Sustainability Programs
  • Development & Opening of New Hospitality Projects
  • Re-Modelling of Existing Hospitality Projects
  • Re-Positioning of Existing Hospitality Projects
  • Sales, Marketing, Agency Relations & Public Relations

What Makes a
Cayuga Collection Property?


We are 100% Committed to
Sustainable Luxury

As an Owner or Developer, if you do not share this core commitment please do not contact us.

In our experience, the best properties that benefit from our management services and approach are those that are committed to making luxury travel a more sustainable practice.

These criteria will help you determine if we could be the right fit for your property.

Prime Location in Central & South America
Our collection is comprised of unique hotels in Costa Rica, Panama, & Nicaragua.

100% Commitment to Sustainable Luxury
We look for projects that show a clear potential for sustainable luxury, profitability & market demand — the full package.

Sense of Place
A property isn’t just a place. It’s a feeling. We carefully select properties that are unique, have character, and possess a strong sense of place.

Boutique Properties
We typically select properties that have between 12-60 rooms.

You're in Good Company


Our Core Principles

Principle #1: Cayuga is a Trustworthy Company
Owners give us full operational control of their hotel or lodge, and fully trust in our guidance and expertise. This is not always an easy decision for owners. That’s why, we think carefully about who we work with. We strive to build strong, close relationships with a carefully chosen inner circle of owners.

Principle #2: Cayuga is a People Company
We firmly believe in exclusively hiring local people, investing in their education, and providing direct economic and social benefits to our communities.

Principle #3: Cayuga is Committed to the Environment
Sustainability is in our DNA. Whenever we make big decisions, like building & operational design, choice of materials or working with NGOs, we always consider the impact on our natural surroundings.

Principle #4: Cayuga is an Ethical Company
We model transparency and ethical business behavior and expect the same from our partners when it comes to accounting, legal operations, and payment of suppliers.

Principle #5: Cayuga is a High-Quality Company
We take pride in delivering immaculate service, the best choice of experiences, and selecting the best possible suppliers.

Principle #6: Cayuga Invests in the Future
That includes investing in staff training, upgrading infrastructure, and embracing changes dictated by the market.

Meet Our Corporate Team


Award-Winning Expertise in
Sustainable Luxury

Our Corporate Team is led by Founders Hans Pfister, President of the Cayuga Collection and a global thought leader on sustainable hospitality, and Andrea Bonilla, Vice-President of Operations. Both are graduates of Cornell University with almost 50 years of cumulative, global hospitality experience between them.

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day-to-day hotel operations?

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* We are 100% committed to Sustainable Luxury. As an Owner or Developer, if you do not share this core commitment please do not contact us.

Realize Your Vision​

“I started working with Cayuga when the hotel was still a dream and I wouldn’t have been able to realise my dream without them. They are professional, knowledgeable and compassionate and together we have developed an amazing hotel with a dedicated and engaged staff which exceeds our clients’ expectations.”

– Karen Emanuel, Owner, Jicaro Island Lodge

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