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The Cayuga Way


At the Cayuga Collection, we believe true luxury lies in the experience. When our guests can experience, learn, connect, and relax in some of the most inspiring settings on Earth, vacations  become truly transformative.

We Invite You to Experience


Interact with nature & wildlife, up close & personal

You’ll wake up to the calls of howler monkeys, marvel at enigmatic jungle ecosystems, or catch a wave at sunrise.

We Invite You to Learn


We'll teach you how to salsa, surf, & even a little Spanish

Prepare authentic national dishes or learn about Costa Rican coffee. Take a mixology class or hike to an ancient archaeological site. Our In-House Guides and hosts offer signature workshops, classes and tours that will inspire your inner explorer.

We Invite You to Connect


Connect with the community while visiting local schools

…Or while watching traditional dance performances. Wandering through a local market. Or while simply chatting with our staff. You’ll find real opportunities to connect with good people in some of the most incredible places on earth.

We Invite You to Relax


Escape from civilization & switch off from the world

Settle into your rainforest rhythm and unwind to the sounds of nature and the hum of the ocean.

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