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Tropical Honeymoons at
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You have a lot of decisions to make — oh, we know what that’s like!

At the Cayuga Collection, we understand that every couple, budget, and wish list is unique.

If you’ve been researching for weeks, let us help you make those important decisions, right now.

When is the best time to go?

Don’t want to spend a lot of time getting to your destination? 

Need help with your itinerary?

Which property will suit your honeymoon or wedding style?

We’ll help you tick off all the boxes on your wish list.

Meet Our Sustainable Luxury Hotels

No matter your Honeymoon style, our 5-star Sustainable Luxury Hotels offer something special for everyone

Get our Honeymoon Mini-Guide & see how our Sustainable Luxury hotels can fit perfectly into your plans

Why Choose The
Cayuga Collection HOtels

Romantic Escapes

Romantic Escapes
We design special moments that matter most on your honeymoon or destination wedding

Leave the Planning to Us

Leave The Planning To Us
We take care of the details so you don't have to

Splendid & Sustainable

Splendid & Sustainable
You'll love our symbiosis of Sustainability & Luxury

Luxury with a Purpose
Your stay benefits communities, wildlife, & forests


Get our Honeymoon Mini-Guide to see how you can get closer to secluded beaches, volcanoes, curious wildlife and more.

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  • Create your special moments using our quick-view of Signature Experiences, Wellness, Beach & Water, Adventure, and Culture activities at our Luxury Hotels
  • Map out your route to discover more of Central America. See how our Luxury Hotels can get you exploring the gorgeous Pacific Coast of Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua

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