People With A Passion
For Hospitality

The Cayuga Way

Our People

At the Cayuga Collection, we work exclusively with extraordinary people. We hire 100% of our employees from the local area – every one of them has a dedicated passion for hospitality and a true appreciation for The Cayuga Way. More than colleagues, they’re our community, our biggest champions for sustainability, and the lifeblood of our Collection.

Our hotels and lodges pride themselves on their commitment to offering authentic service. And by offering our employees the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally, we’ve created a warm and inspiring culture that our staff loves and our guests feel from the very moment they check in.

Authentic Service


The Key Ingredient to an
Unforgettable Vacation

We treat our guests as individuals, always personalizing our approach and finding meaningful ways to connect. Many guests have described our style of service as warm, genuine and outstanding.

Our employees are memorable characters too, bringing plenty of personality to their roles and providing a window into the local culture. They welcome guests as if they were family and always have a story or two to tell – for many, it’s these fascinating conversations and experiences shared with locals that make stays with us truly special.

Passionate People


Our All-Local Employees
are Proud Members of
the Cayuga Community

We are fortunate to have created a culture that attracts the most dedicated and talented hospitality professionals. We’ve also nurtured a community that’s in it together for the long run.

Our people have a genuine passion for what they do – they put their all into serving their guests, supporting their colleagues and championing the Cayuga sustainable philosophy. Many have been with us for over 10 years, some are siblings, others are cousins and lots are best friends. All share a real sense of pride in working with Cayuga.

Opportunities For Growth


We Invest in
Extraordinary People

We believe that skills can be taught — but nothing beats that sparkle in the eye. From there, we find it’s easy to invest in our staff to help them reach their full potential.

Many of our staff come from humble beginnings, but we’ve proven that when we can provide professional growth, offer ongoing training, promote internally, and fuel their desire to grow — incredible things can happen.

We were honored with the 2018 People Award by the World Travel & Tourism Council, Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, for our commitment to improving career opportunities in the locations we operate.

Hospitality With Personality

“This hotel is not really a hotel, it is much more than that. It’s intimate, charming, impressive, welcoming and truly fantastic. Every day the sunset is a surreal event – this alone is worth staying here. However what really sets Kurà apart is the people. The service is unbelievable, you feel like you’re surrounded by friends and that’s something I’ve never experienced before at any other hotel. For me, this is what brings Kurà to another level.”

– Greg, Switzerland

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