Travel Locally,
Travel Sustainably

“Local” is Essential to
The Cayuga Way

We believe that the concept of “local” is essential to sustainable tourism. That’s why we hire local, buy local and invest in the well-being of our community and natural surroundings.

Learn how we keep it close to home.

Local Products


We Support our Local
Suppliers & Artisans

We make a conscious effort to source as many products as we can from as close to home as possible. Our minibars are stocked with only local drinks and snacks. Our spa products and bathroom amenities are 100% nationally made. The gift shops offer a variety of products handmade by local artisans.

What’s more, much of our furniture and art is also locally produced. We make it a priority to support local suppliers and craftsmen. This way we see the economic benefits of our sustainable tourism projects stay within the local communities. And we’re able to create an authentic sense of place for our guests to appreciate.

Food With Philosophy


There’s More to our Food
than Flavor

We think food tastes better when it’s ethical and hasn’t been shipped from faraway lands. At our hotels and lodges, we like to give our guests a real taste of local culinary culture.

That’s why we keep our food miles low, working closely with our local suppliers to ensure that every product is super fresh, organic and bursting with flavor.

We also support the Dock to Dish sustainable fishing program, making sure that any seafood we serve at our properties is always straight off the boat and sustainably-caught in our very waters. This way, our local farmers and fishermen who do things right can live sustainably while our guests enjoy feel-good meals.

Meet The Locals


We Positively Impact our
Surrounding Communities

At the Cayuga Collection, our focus is on sustainable tourism. In comparison to ecotourism, its positive reach goes further, extending beyond environmental issues and nature conservation out into the local communities.

We like to see our people benefited by our operations – that’s why our employees are 100% local and we only ever collaborate with high quality local guides for the tours we offer.

A Sense of Place


We Create Authentic &
Immersive Experiences

A property isn’t just a place. It’s a feeling. That’s why, our hotels and lodges incorporate cultural elements from the surrounding communities into their décor, design and daily operations.

Through furniture, art, curated experiences and cuisine, we pay attention to evoking a unique sense of place for our guests to appreciate – no Balinese Buddhas in sight!

Our 100% local employees also bring a true taste of culture to the guest experience. At the Cayuga Collection you won’t find any expat managers or out-of-place interiors.

Travel Locally,
Travel Responsibly

“I loved every minute of my stay here, and was so glad to be a part of such a responsible lodge that is doing a lot of great things for the local community and staff, creating ways for everyone to develop themselves. Just go, it’s a guilt-free, sustainable and incredibly enjoyable experience without giving up your comfort. It’s the unlikely combination that just works.”

– Muna, Jordan

Ready to Travel Sustainably?