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In early 2024, Cayuga University began a series of training sessions aimed at General &  Operations Managers as well as all our middle managers on a Career path to Operations Manager.  As of today, we have had 125 participants from San José, Manuel Antonio, Uvita, Monteverde, Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica and Chiriqui, Panama. 

The training is conducted by the Corporate Team of Cayuga Collection, with contributions from guest speakers and our own management teams.  All the sessions have had the mission, vision, values, and KPIs as a guiding thread for the entire team and for all the items on the agenda.

The first training session focused on General Management procedures and expectations.  Emphasis was placed on “On the Floor” Management, highlighting the importance of being accountable for one’s decisions and actions.  This continued to a series of presentations where the topics included time management based on planning, strategic plans, meeting follow-ups, and timely handling of major tasks.

Day two included other items such as our  “deejay” concept, management by walking around, motivating, communicating, and empowering the teams.  The application of the Cayuga Philosophy as a guide for well-being and performance serves as inspiration and motivation for our leaders to continue following the Cayuga Way.

The second Cayuga University training session focused on Human Resources: “Right People in the Right Place.” Under this motto, the profile of a Cayuga Manager and their competencies were identified. The session also explored the diverse personalities that make up our Cayuga Collection Community.  Research on women working at the Cayuga Collection and their roles and challenges was presented.

Guest speakers provided legal insights into policies, procedures, contracts, and disciplinary processes. The session also addressed disability, inclusion, and accessibility, emphasizing the benefits of diverse teams.

The third session of Cayuga University was focused on macro-level understanding of key administrative and financial topics. Using clear and concise language, real-life organizational scenarios were discussed, covering procurement, accounting, and administration.

We then shifted our focus to budget management, including preparation, analysis, presentation, and assumptions.  Key pillars such as understanding the Balance Sheet were used to construct “Best Practices for Cash Flow Projections and Management” during the session (based on real experiences from each hotel).

For the fourth training, the focus shifted towards sustainability. With the support of guest speakers, including representatives from the National Parks Foundation and La Luciérnaga, we reviewed opportunities to increase our positive impact on the environment and the communities where we operate. Furthermore, we discussed the importance of Occupational Health Plans in our operations to keep our guests and staff safe and healthy. 

We are currently on “summer break” but Cayuga University will resume in August with the further educational sessions focusing on Marketing, Food and Beverage, Service and Experiences.  Graduation is set for December.

Testimonials by Cayuga University Participants:

“My experience at Cayuga University has been of personal and professional growth, enjoying the interaction and answer to all questions, where transparency, creativity, and the naturalness of transmitting this information predominate, from different sources where we can all acquire knowledge for decision-making in our daily lives.  I am impressed with this philosophy and how it works in each of us, using simple and wonderful strategies that we do thinking outside of the box, and making better use of our skills and all our resources. I also love sharing, learning, and teaching our colleagues about our experiences
It is important to consider what we have learned and put it into practice every day because many times operations do not allow us to be present in that moment. I am feeling grateful for transmitting our philosophy and culture in order to improve our work environments.”

Daniela, Senda Monteverde

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