Keeping up the Spirits during Challenging Times

This week, we had our second Cayuga Collection management “get together” of the year.  The last 12 months have been tough on all of us so it was clear that we could not do business as usual. 

We could not expect our managers and corporate team to get excited about looking at spreadsheets, cash flow projections, and work plans.  While all of this, of course, is still very important, we most importantly needed a break and time to reconnect with each other.

And of course, we wanted to make sure that we did in a safe and responsible way following strict health protocols.  So we went camping in the mountains outside San Jose, did some fun outdoor adventure activities, made a bonfire, grilled some burgers, and drank some locally made craft beer!

Team Building: When was the last time you did this? For most of us it was a while. Wearing masks makes it a bit more challenging but not impossible.

One of the big advantages of living in the Tropics is that almost all activities can be done outside. Welcome to our corporate meeting space with a grass floor.

Outdoor kitchen. Everything tastes better when eaten outdoors. We grilled local grass-fed beef burgers and picked the vegetables and greens from the farm where we were camping.

A bonfire is a bonfire. Looking at the flames burning the wood is like therapy.

Socially distanced lodging. Everybody got a tent of their own. And yes, this form of ‘getting way’ also helped our budgets as we are still in ‘recovery mode’.

Morning coffee and sharing stories. We laughed a lot and this is probably the best medicine ever.

Our next Cayuga Collection Gettogether will be in June. It seems we will be in a different place by then. Reservations have started to pick up and we are getting busy. We might have to go back to workplans and spreadsheets…

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