Believe with us in a Future for Travel

April, we’re happy to see you. I’m sure I am not the only one who felt like March 2020 was a full year of work, and at that, it happened to be the most difficult and emotionally taxing professional year of our lives.  And experts say that we’re not even halfway through this crisis.  But, […]

Think you’ve seen Costa Rica? Not without a visit to Monteverde…

It’s a simple truth – if you haven’t been to Monteverde, if you haven’t explored its cloud forests, sampled its coffee or had a few close encounters with its wildlife, you haven’t really been to Costa Rica. For one, it’s just been voted amongst the 25 most beautiful places around the world by CNN, but […]

Travel Safety – Check out this Map!

We now operate Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges in three different countries (Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama) and when talking to guests in one country about travelling to another, a prominent question is:  “Is it safe to travel there?” The US State Department came out with an updated website and an interesting map that shows the “risk level” per country by color.  […]

What is the Weather Forecast for Costa Rica Today?

Share on facebook Share on twitter Forecasting the weather in Costa Rica is a tough job.  Nobody takes the weather forecasts here seriously as the weathermen are notorious for consistently getting it wrong.  That’s no surprise in a country with hundreds of micro climates and where conditions usually don’t depend on high or low-pressure systems, […]

Is it Safe to Travel to Costa Rica in 2018?

Share on facebook Share on twitter In times of uncertainty, or what Skift Magazine calls “Travel in the Age of Perm-anxiety”, Google search terms around safety are on the rise: Is Costa Rica safe to visit? Safety concerns about Costa Rica 2018? Is it safe to travel with my family to Costa Rica?  It’s understandable – we […]