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We now operate Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges in three different countries (Costa RicaNicaragua and Panama) and when talking to guests in one country about travelling to another, a prominent question is:  “Is it safe to travel there?”

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The US State Department came out with an updated website and an interesting map that shows the “risk level” per country by color.  According to this map, Costa Rica and Panama are the safest countries in the region and the only ones qualified as:  “Exercise Normal Precautions – Contains Areas with Higher Security Risks”.  Nicaragua is qualified as:  “Exercise Increased Caution” just like the Dominican Republic and Belize in the region.

Let’s take a look at Europe.  Almost all of Western Europe with the exception of Holland, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal has the same labeling as Nicaragua.  We get asked a lot about “Is Nicaragua safe for travelling”, but have you every considered not travelling to Germany or Italy because of safety reasons?

Your private Casita in Jicaro Island Lodge, Nicaragua.

We have written a blog about Safety Concerns while travelling to Nicaragua previously and had great feedback.  It has bee very useful for guests planning their vacation.  Why in the World would you be afraid to travel to Nicaragua?

If you are interested in learning more about what a trip to Nicaragua, Costa Rica or Panama could look like, drop us a note.  We are happy to help.

For a complete list of Travel Advisory Rankings Country by Country click here.  And since the US State department did not rank the US in terms of travel safety, we looked what the UK Government had to say about travel to the United States.  You might be surprised to read this.

To us, Travelling is about making connections, getting rid or prejudice and fears. It is about stepping out of your comfort zone and reap in the huge rewards of getting to know a new culture.

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