Is it Safe to Travel to Costa Rica in 2018?

In times of uncertainty, or what Skift Magazine calls “Travel in the Age of Perm-anxiety”, Google search terms around safety are on the rise: Is Costa Rica safe to visit? Safety concerns about Costa Rica 2018? Is it safe to travel with my family to Costa Rica?  It’s understandable – we get bombarded with unsettling news from home and around the world 24/7.  At the very least you want to know that the country you choose to vacation in is safe.

So let’s talk about safety in Costa Rica.  Here is the disclaimer.   No country can guarantee 100% safety and there are always risk factors involved.  There are risks involved if you go on adrenaline-packed adventures in a wild river.  Or if you walk the streets of the city alone after dark.  What about leaving your belongings unattended in a public place?

Honeymooners enjoying the Sunset at a secluded beach in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

That said, by using common sense and taking on board advice from locals, Costa Rica is a very safe place to travel and visit.   The small Central American country abolished its army almost 70 years ago and is considered one of the happiest places on earth.  See this National Geographic Magazine Article for more details on why that is.  Costa Rica is even nicknamed the “Switzerland of Central America” due to its political stability, strong healthcare system, and green mountains.

We are far away from turbulent world politics, and terror attacks are extremely unlikely to happen here.  Tap water is safe to drink almost everywhere in Costa Rica, and healthcare is easily accessible.  If something happens, there are local clinics throughout the country and world-class hospitals and doctors in the San Jose area.

Costa Ricans are typically friendly and always happy to help. They love socializing and of course the always have a story to share…

Many families have been coming to Costa Rica with their kids of all ages for years.  They not only enjoy the beaches and activities but also learn lots about the country’s inspiring conservation efforts, rich biodiversity and peaceful way of life.  The only danger you might face in Costa Rica is becoming addicted to our pura vida lifestyle, our lush rain forests, gushing waterfalls and our tropical beaches.  That’s a risk worth taking!

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