An Identity Crisis at Isla Palenque

The absence of guests on Isla Palenque has led to a bit of an identity crisis among the team. Chefs have departed the kitchen to become birders, managers have moonlighted as English teachers, naturalist guides have developed an interest in farming & the head of HR has moonlighted as a photojournalist. Is this a case […]

Missing Paradise? Stream it Live from Manuel Antonio!

On July 3rd, Cayuga will reopen the Arenas Del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Meanwhile, if you’re missing paradise, you can now stream it live from wherever you are. For views of Playa Espadilla down to the National Park from the hotel’s Mirador Restaurant, take a look below. We hope […]

Family Weekend Getaway to Monteverde after 3 Months of Lockdown

A guest blog by Richard and Daniela Hammond. They are residents in Costa Rica, Architects and Founders of Inverse Project  After almost 3 month of working from home and home schooling in San Jose, the Costa Rica Government took the step to allow a partial opening of hotels in Costa Rica under special sanitary guidelines […]

Hospitality without Guests – A Peek Behind our Closed Resort Doors

At the Cayuga Collection, we live our passion for service, people’s wellbeing, and sustainability through luxury hospitality. Unfortunately, right now we’re living it without guests. Just like the rest of the tourism industry around the world, we have been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis. But through it we’ve stayed optimistic. Strong today and extraordinary tomorrow. […]

Why don’t you Serve European Wines at the Cayuga Collection Hotels?

Once in a while, we get a complaint from a guest (often European) why we don’t have French or Italian wines on our menu?  We then explain that we try to be as local as possible with our culinary offerings by serving food that is locally grown or harvested in our restaurants.  In the case […]

Senda Monteverde, Monteverde

Senda Monteverde, Monteverde

A contemporary boutique base for quetzal-spotting, cloud forest adventures and mountain retreat relaxation in the lush Monteverde highlands.

Jicaro Island Lodge, Lake Nicaragua

Jicaro Island Lodge, Lake Nicaragua

Lakes, active volcanoes, and your own private island. Need we say more? Now’s your chance to explore incredible Nicaragua.