Family Weekend Getaway to Monteverde after 3 Months of Lockdown

A guest blog by Richard and Daniela Hammond. They are residents in Costa Rica, Architects and Founders of Inverse Project 

After almost 3 month of working from home and home schooling in San Jose, the Costa Rica Government took the step to allow a partial opening of hotels in Costa Rica under special sanitary guidelines and protocols. 

We took advantage of this to make a weekend trip to Senda at Monteverde, famous for its tropical cloud forests and biodiversity. We were lucky to secure a booking on the first weekend of the opening on June 6th. 

New paved road to Monteverde

Warm Greeting by the Cayuga Staff with their PPE

We drove Friday after virtual school ended and were on the road by 3pm. The drive was smooth and the fact that the final stretch of the road to Monteverde is now newly paved allowed us to reach our destination in under 2 ½ hours. If anyone knows what that road was like before, you’ll know what a huge improvement this is. 

We arrived in the early evening and were greeted by some of the friendliest and most professional hotel staff to be found anywhere. They were clearly well trained in the new health guidelines and protocols. We had our temperatures taken, distancing was practiced, the staff wore visors at all times, including the groundskeepers. All these protocols would give any concerned guest peace of mind. 

Senda consists of 28 luxury rooms within free-standing cabins that are spread around a beautifully landscaped property. Currently, only 50% of the rooms are open to guests. It is a fully renovated property and the newest in the Cayuga Collection of hotels. And true to the philosophy of Cayuga, it provides an exclusive experience authentic to the place with deeply embedded concepts of sustainability.  

As architects of hotels ourselves, we really did appreciate the design elements of the property. Choice of furniture, use of natural materials and the general flow of spaces is well considered. All the hot water is supplied by rooftop solar collectors.

Attended to by Memo in the Sapo restaurant

Our room was spacious and comfortable. The stocked mini fridge was 100% complimentary which says a lot for the way Cayuga thinks about providing a sense of value.  The Beautyrest mattresses were very comfortable and allowed for a very peaceful night’s rest.

The restaurant called Sapo, required reservations to ensure the number of guests does not exceed the health requirements. Menus were downloaded via a QR code on the table. The wait staff again were very mindful of all distancing protocols. 

QR Coded contactless menus

Three typical breakfasts coming right up! 

The included breakfast gave us a great start to the day. I chose the Typical Costa Rican breakfast which was a good choice considering the 4 hour hike into the MonteVerde Cloud Forest Reserve that we had planned. The Senda staff made the reservation for us, which was required due to covid measures aimed at controlling numbers in the Park.

Senda supplied us with Nikon binoculars for the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Hike.

The Cloud forest walk is a magical experience, a place that is densely packed with countless forms of life. The branches of every tree become mini botanical gardens in themselves. At the high point of the trail, we reached the continental divide at about 1600m above sea level. From here you can see the green forests, hugged by clouds, extending all the way to the Pacific ocean.

Forest giants that support entire ecosystems.

View from 1600m at the Continental Divide high in the cloud forest.

On the morning of our last day we explored the trail that starts at Senda and then continues into the adjacent private Agouti reserve. We did come across an Agouti, the largest rodent in Costa Rica, like a large shy Guinea Pig with longer legs. Along the rail are a number of giant emergent trees whose stature is humbling. 

Climbing trees on the trail that starts at Senda

We were grateful for this opportunity to get some relief from the Covid-19 quarantine and help support the hospitality industry which has suffered greatly in recent months. We hope to have the opportunity to visit another Cayuga hotel especially after seeing their attention to the details and how seriously they are taking the health ministries guidelines and sanitary protocols

We returned refreshed and ready to face our next zoom call! 

Looking forward to our return to the hanging bridges of Monteverde. 

Richard and Daniela Hammond, Architects and Founders of Inverse Project 

Richard and Daniela paid a reduced rate available for Costa Ricans and Residents at Senda. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at or Tel. (506) 4040-0421.

8 Responses

  1. We are looking for a place for at least 30 days between January and March, 2021. I sold my place in Dominical 2019, and looking for a new home. Thank you, just two of us 66 years old bird watchers ☺️Peggy

    1. Dear Peggy,
      we will reach oout to you by e-mail for a long stay rate at one of our hotels. Saludos,

  2. Fantastic report, thanks guys! As soon as the US/Costa Rica open – Looking forward to sending clients your way and this gives a really great overview of what travel in Covid will be like (still looks amazing…) XO – Natalie

    1. Hi Natalie,
      thanks for the nice comment. We are about to open at Aguas Claras in Puerto Viejo and just like in Senda, we are trying to find a balance between strict sanitary measures, the luxury guest experience and sustainability. So far so good. I hope you can come soon and see for yourself. Saludos. Hans

    1. Hola Sandra, gracias por su interes. Ya le mandamos informacion sobre una estadia con su hijo en Senda. Saludos.

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