Can my Luxury Vacation in the Tropics be Sustainable?

Guests tell us that what most impressed them about staying at a Cayuga Collection Hotel, Resort or Lodge in Nicaragua, Costa Rica or Panama was the fact that they felt that they actually made a positive contribution to nature conservation and community development when they stayed with us. Typically, travelers don’t think that sustainability and […]

Handprint vs. Footprint – How to travel in a sustainable way?

This is a Guest Blog written by Carolin Seiferth. A student at the Hochschule Stralsund in Germany. She will finish a 6-month internship at Senda Monteverde, a Cayuga Collection Hotel next month. When I told my friends last year that I would like to put a heavy emphasis on sustainability in tourism during my internship […]

Facts about Costa Rica that might inspire you to visit!

Did you know that… … over 70 years ago, Costa Rica decided to get rid of its military.  Since then, the defense budget was invested in education, health services, and conservation? …  Costa Rica holds the world record of producing 100% of its electricity from renewable resources for over 300 consecutive days.  No other country […]

Wildfires, Climate Change & Conservation


Wildfires seem to be one of the natural disasters that make people around the world realize that there is a link between humans burning fossil fuels and climate change.  We are watching the recent coverage of wildfires from Australia and our heart goes out to everybody that is suffering from there impact Down Under.  It […]

Why don’t you Serve European Wines at the Cayuga Collection Hotels?

Once in a while, we get a complaint from a guest (often European) why we don’t have French or Italian wines on our menu?  We then explain that we try to be as local as possible with our culinary offerings by serving food that is locally grown or harvested in our restaurants.  In the case […]