Experience – Learn – Connect – Relax

At the Cayuga Collection, we believe true luxury lies in the experience.  When you can experience, learn, connect, and relax in some of the most inspiring settings on Earth, your vacation can become truly transformative. This concept has been part of our philosophy for almost 20 years now and we apply it to our guests and employees alike. About four […]

Keeping Indigenous History and Culture Alive through Art

Kura is the Boruca name for Jaguar. Boruca, also known as Brunka or Brunca, is one of the many indigenous tribes in Costa Rica. Like many other tribes, they struggle to keep their culture and traditions alive. Enabling spaces to honor and commemorate their culture has been an important inspiration for the owners of Kura.  […]

“Wow! My fellow workers are treating me like royalty!”

At the Cayuga Collection, we believe that a big part of providing extraordinary service is understanding the experience that our guests live through during their stays.  This is why once a year, all of our staff members have the chance to stay with their families at our hotels as guests (all meals and services included).  […]

Mirrors to & from the Sea

Mirror installation in the coastal jungle of Playa Chiquita, Puerto Viejo, Limón, Costa Rica If you have visited our DA Lime Beachfront Restaurant at Aguas Claras, you know this is a very special place.  The rain forest. The animals.  The beach.  The architecture.  The garden. The decor.  The fresh local food. The Music.  The tropical […]

This is what it feels like to have 5 friends that are over 150 years old

If you have stayed at Isla Palenque, sure enough, you will have met “Chava” (Jose Chavaría). He started as a tourist guide almost four years ago and today he is our Experience & Sustainability Manager. Over the years, while trailing the island’s primary and secondary forest, Chava has met five of his island friends. Each […]

El Sapo, Monteverde – Local Cuisine with an Ancestral Touch

Our new menu at Senda’s El Sapo Restaurant is not only based on fresh, locally produced products but has a strong ancestral Costa Rican influence embedded in it.  Food sustainability has always been a priority for us.  At the Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges in Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua, our culinary focus has always […]

Upgrading our Restaurant Menus to More Local and Reducing Carbon Footprint

Sustainability is a process, it is never finished. It is like Quality Management and there are always details that can be improved and made better.  Our guests are getting more and more curious about the sourcing of our food, and it is not just about taste and freshness. They want to know who produces their […]

From “Tacotal” to Sloth Sanctuary

Embrace Your Inner Explorer

“Tacotal”.   A word known to many Costa Ricans as a bushy unattractive scrubland; this is what Arenas Del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica used to be 30 years ago. This property formerly was 5 hectares of “Tacotal” with great views of the Pacific Ocean used for subsistence farming.   During the […]

Building a boutique hotel? Wait… Don’t call the architect quite yet!

When we get called by property owners or developers to offer our services as a hospitality management company, one of the first and most common requests to us is: “can you recommend an architect?”  Or many times the owners or developers have already started to design the hotel with an architect of their choice.  And […]