Hospitality Training in the Sustainable Luxury Segment

Share on facebook Share on twitter At Cayuga, we believe that our local staff is our biggest asset.  This is why we are committed to year around employment, something that is not usually done in highly seasonal destinations like Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  We take advantage of the lower occupancy months to invest in our […]

The most important week of the Year

Share on facebook Share on twitter The so called “low season” is for some of us, the busiest time of the year.  We are working on strategic plans and operating budgets for the next year.  We are doing mayor construction and remodeling at the hotels and lodges and we focus on training.   Staff members […]

Common knowledge: Fish Starts to Rot from the Head

…  or how to have excellent managers and leadership at small sustainable luxury hotels in remote locations. Our guests at the Cayuga Collection Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges rave about our staff.  They love the efficient and professional service and comments especially on how friendly, authentic and genuine the service experience is.  This is no coincidence.  We spend a […]