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At Cayuga, we believe that our local staff is our biggest asset.  This is why we are committed to year around employment, something that is not usually done in highly seasonal destinations like Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  We take advantage of the lower occupancy months to invest in our infrastructure but also to make sure we train our local staff.

We have a dedicated person on the Cayuga corporate payroll that visits all the hotels and trains the staff on an ongoing basis.  He also trains a ‘trainer’ in each department that is then responsible for the training of new staff.  He is also responsible for updating our Cayuga Operating Procedures.  No, they are NOT Standard Operating Procedures as there is nothing standard about what we do.

Travel Locally, Travel Sustainably
It is not only about technical training though. At Cayuga we have a strong focus on motivational and fun activities as well. Team building is an important part of our efforts in the low season.

We can see the results of our training efforts in the smiles of our guests and the warm hugs our employees receive from guests before they return home.  And of course there are the “raving reviews” on Tripadvisor.

Many of our staff members have very little formal education and most have not worked in the hospitality industry before starting with us.  A lot of what we do is done by learning on the job, but the formal training sessions are just as important.

The devil is in the detail. Especially in housekeeping. This is a picture of our housekeepers at Arenas del Mar Resort in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

You might have read about our Cayuga Week on this blog.  Here is the link to the last edition.  It is always important for us to do things right.  The Cayuga way

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Hans Pfister

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