The most important week of the Year

The so called “low season” is for some of us, the busiest time of the year.  We are working on strategic plans and operating budgets for the next year.  We are doing mayor construction and remodeling at the hotels and lodges and we focus on training.   Staff members get to spend a night with their families at the hotels and lodges and get treated by their peers as guests.  Some get to visit other Cayuga properties and enjoy some cross training.

But probably the most important week of the year is what we call “Cayuga Week”.   More than 80 staff members from the hotels and lodges in Costa Rica and Nicaragua come to San Jose for a few days of training, motivation and bonding.  Most of the participants are middle management and team leaders, but there are also a few line level employees that have been awarded the honor to participate due to their outstanding service and achievements.

It is our opportunity to show our staff that they are part of a Collection and not “on their own” as many of our hotels and lodges are located in remote areas.  We are able to communicate to them directly how we do things differently and what it means to operate “the Cayuga way”.  It our chance to transmit our corporate culture and bring everybody together. Here some images of Cayuga Week 2017:
Every year, we try to introduce our staff to some new experiences. In the style of Experience – Learn – Connect – Relax. This year it was Yoga, for many, it was the first time.
The culinary experience is very important for our guests. But also for us. We were involved in preparing our own meals with the freshest local ingredients. It is important for us that our staff members understand food and beverages.
A movie theater all to ourselves. First we received a presentation about management and leadership and then we watched the movie Invictus together. A bit of inspiration…
We did our second day activity outdoors in a “finca” near San Jose. A bit of Stonehenge feeling here. The Cayuga way, of course.
Time to bond, time to get to know each other, time to reflect, time to exchange experiences. Our staff appreciates to live the concept of Experience – Learn – Connect – Relax during the days of Cayuga Week.
See you next year. Any ideas or suggestions where to do Cayuga Week 2018?

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