8 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica during Green Season

Are you considering a vacation to Costa Rica between May and November?  We call this time of year “Green Season” and there are some classic myths associated.  For one, you might be worried that your trip of a lifetime will be a washout – we assure you otherwise!  And for good measure, here are a […]

Green Season in Costa Rica: A Month-by-Month Guide

Green Season, or May through November, is an enchanting time of year to visit Costa Rica.  The rains return after months of bone dry weather and the country springs back to life showing off every shade of green.  But these seven months aren’t the same from start to finish – each is a little different […]

What is the Weather Forecast for the rainy season in Costa Rica?

If you live in a place like London, New York, Chicago, Berlin or Toronto, most likely you are planning your activities and travel around the forecasts of your weather app.  If you live in the tropics, you probably learned quickly, that a weather app for a place like Costa Rica is completely useless.   Here is why… […]