8 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica during Green Season

Are you considering a vacation to Costa Rica between May and November?  We call this time of year “Green Season” and there are some classic myths associated.  For one, you might be worried that your trip of a lifetime will be a washout – we assure you otherwise!  And for good measure, here are a few more great reasons to start planning a Green Season getaway.

It Doesn’t Rain All Day, Every Day  

There’s no hiding the fact that it does indeed rain during Green Season.  However, it’s seldom all day, every day.  During this period, mornings are typically glorious and sunny – meaning that there’s plenty of time for tours and activities, while the dark clouds tend to roll in towards the late afternoon and evening, just in time for a post-adventure siesta.  Keep mornings for the action, and afternoons for relaxing.

Tropical Rains are Something Else

The rains in Costa Rica are not like the rains in, let’s say London, New York or Vancouver.  They’re “warm” (especially at the beach) and tend to come and go quickly.  While it might be instinctive to run for cover when the first drops fall, embracing the jungle showers can be quite an experience.  What’s more, when it does storm, you’re in for an atmospheric and always mesmerizing show.  We have seen how much kids love to play in the pool or at the beach when it rains. 

The True Rainforest Experience

What do you get when you put the rain back into rainforest?  You get the true rainforest experience, the jungle at its most lush, green and glorious.  “Green Season” isn’t just marketing lingo – a little rain following months of dry weather sees Costa Rica burst back into bloom.  What better time to visit a country famed for its nature than at its most verdant?  When was the last time you got muddy, sweaty and wet?   And no worries.  A warm shower is waiting for you. 

Seasonal Experiences

In Green Season, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the same bucket list activities as you would in Dry Season, plus more.  There are certain seasonal experiences that you can only have at this time of year such as humpback whale watching and seeing baby turtles hatch – both are a treat for wildlife lovers.  Other quintessentially Costa Rican experiences such as swimming beneath waterfalls and white water rafting are even more memorable following the Green Season rains too. 

Sweet Seasonal Savings

Green Season is the full Costa Rica experience without the full price tag.  It’s offseason and all the nation’s resorts run seasonal promotions.  At the Cayuga Collection, our sustainable luxury hotels and lodges offer complimentary nights during Green Season.  Airfares are also cheaper and it’s not uncommon to find great deals on activities, rental cars and the likes. 

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It’s Cooler

Temperatures during Dry Season in Costa Rica can seriously soar.  While the sunshine is always welcome, you might not love the hot stickiness that comes hand in hand.  In Green Season, temperatures are a few degrees cooler and just that little bit more agreeable, especially along the Pacific Coast.  You’ll be thankful for the light breeze when you’re hiking uphill through the rainforest or perfecting your tan on the beach. 

Fewer Tourists – a lot fewer

It’s easy enough to avoid the crowds in Costa Rica, especially at our more remote Cayuga Collection properties.  In Green Season though, even the most popular destinations are quieter.  As a result, don’t be surprised if your hotel room is upgraded, or if you find yourself on a nearly private rainforest tour – it’s all part of the Green Season experience!

It Coincides with Summer

If you’re traveling with the kids, there may only be a few precious months a year when you can all get away together.  Equally, if you’re getting married in the summer, you’ll be looking for an exotic, honeymoon destination.  While June, July, and August tend to be high season in most North American and European hotspots, Costa Rica, by contrast, is blissfully free from touristy crowds and overpriced resorts.  Traveling offseason makes for a more intimate and affordable experience.

And by the way, the same is true for Costa Rica’s neighboring countries Panama and Nicaragua.

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