Which Side is Better? Costa Rica’s Caribbean vs. Pacific Coast?

Our reservations agents get this question a lot:  Which side of the country has the best beaches?  Which is the best beach town in Costa Rica?  Is it Santa Teresa, Tamarindo or Puerto Viejo?  Where can you see more wildlife?  Seeing a sloth is very high on the list or course.  Choosing between the two […]

Worried about Testing Requirements? We have you covered!

As of June 13th, 2022 pre-travel testing is no longer necessary for travel to the United States. Europe eliminated this requirement a while back. If you have specific questions about other countries you plan to travel to from Costa Rica, Panama or Nicaragua, please contact the embassy or an official website. We are happy to […]

Cayuga’s Innovation Contest during the COVID-19 Crisis

The word “crisis” in Chinese is composed of two characters—one representing danger, the other opportunity.  A crisis presents a choice.  This is particularly true today. In late March of 2020 when we had to close all Cayuga Collection Hotels & Lodges in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama due to the worldwide travel ban and closing […]

What to Expect When Traveling to Costa Rica Right Now

First some great news.  There are no restrictions in place in terms of what nationalities can travel to Costa Rica.  We welcome travelers from the United States, Europe and every other country in the world!  I love traveling.  It’s part of why I decided to create the Cayuga Collection.  And I miss traveling internationally a […]

My Costarican Coast to Coast Corona Internship

A month into my internship, Costa Rica’s Tourism came to a complete stop due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. And then the hotel I was doing my internship got sold to a Silicon Valley Mogul and became a private home… Hello! My name is Eve and I had the pleasure to experience a six-month internship with […]

Travel Within Your Social Bubble: Private Takeovers of Our Hotels & Lodges

In a time where we’re all traveling less, our travels need to be better. More immersive, more meaningful, more revitalizing, and as stress-free as possible.  Escapes located in remote natural settings or small communities like most of the Cayuga Collection Hotels are in great demand.   And of course, we need to feel safe in this […]

Cayuga Collection reopens Hotel Aguas Claras on June 18th

The dream of escaping for a few days to Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast is becoming a reality again.  We are in the final stages of getting Aguas Claras in Puerto Viejo ready for reopening.  We have published reduced rates and special values for Costa Ricans and Residents and are implementing strict hygiene measures and sanitary […]

Hospitality without Guests – A Peek Behind our Closed Resort Doors

At the Cayuga Collection, we live our passion for service, people’s wellbeing, and sustainability through luxury hospitality. Unfortunately, right now we’re living it without guests. Just like the rest of the tourism industry around the world, we have been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis. But through it we’ve stayed optimistic. Strong today and extraordinary tomorrow. […]