This weekend we start to reopen our hotels in Costa Rica. We realize that this is a HUGE responsibility!

On June 5th we are opening Senda Monteverde for our local guests. Aguas Claras in Puerto Viejo will follow on June 18th and Arenas del Mar in Manuel Antonio on July 3rd.  We are hoteliers at heart and are overly excited to welcome guests again.  But at the same time, we are aware that we have a big responsibility here.

We are responsible for keeping our guests safe and healthy as well as our staff. It is also a big challenge to reactivate the local economies of the communities where we operate.  This is far from a small task, considering the complete shut-down of tourism that has persisted during the last months.  We are buying local supplies again, recommending tours and activities in the community, and most importantly, increasing our staff’s salaries and rehiring employees.

We are ready.  We have been preparing for this moment since the moment we decided to close down operations.  We knew we would come back as soon as possible.  This is the reason that we kept most of our staff and used this time to train them. We have also focused on making the hotels look like new.  And most recently, we have developed and implemented the sanitation protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy. 


Regular cleaning of surfaces in high traffic areas like the bar and restaurant.

We are wearing facemasks, we constantly wash our hands, there is hand sanitizer available everywhere and we keep reminding ourselves to social distance. 

We got rid of the traditional check in and have navigated to a “touchless” system.  We have eliminated all printed menus and now have chalkboards and QR Codes that upload our menus on each guest’s cellphone or tablet.  We have never served buffets at the Cayuga Collection Hotels – and never will. 


No more printed physical menus. We now use chalkboard or QR Codes that download the menu on the Guest’s personal phone or ipad.

Cleanliness has been something that our Cayuga Collection guests value very much, even before the Covid-19 Crisis.  Our guests consistently marked cleanliness in our hotels as “highly exceeding their expectations.”  And now, we have developed a Cayuga Safety Seal that indicates that a room or specific area has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

The minibar is not stocked at arrival, but will be filled with items on request for our guests.

We take the temperature of every staff member when they start their shift and monitor very carefully  any health issues that might come up.  We had quite a discussion about taking the temperature of our guests upon arrival.  In the end, we decided to go ahead with measuring it in a discreet manner.

Is there anything else you are potentially concerned about?  Let us know and we will make sure we address your concerns.  Leave a comment below or contact us at at

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