How to close the “say–do gap” for leisure travelers? 

During and after the pandemic, we have seen a lot of good intentions to go green and travel more sustainably. Research backs this up.   But when we take a closer look, at this research, we find that only very few travelers are willing to walk the talk.  Why is that?  Why are not more people […]

What are International Travelers looking for in 2021?

We have been listening very carefully to our potential guests at the Cayuga Collection Hotels in Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua. And we found out what it is that they are looking for when traveling again in 2021.  It basically came down to four priorities.  Hyper flexible booking and cancelation policies Not necessarily huge discounts, […]

Missing Paradise? Stream it Live from Manuel Antonio!

On July 3rd, Cayuga will reopen the Arenas Del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Meanwhile, if you’re missing paradise, you can now stream it live from wherever you are. For views of Playa Espadilla down to the National Park from the hotel’s Mirador Restaurant, take a look below. We hope […]

The Cayuga Collection of Hotels: COVID Safety

SAFETY PROTOCOLS   |   COVID TESTING   |   FLEXIBLE CANCELLATION POLICIES At The Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels & Lodges, we have implemented COVID Protocols & Measures. (Arenas Del Mar Resort, Isla Palenque Resort, Kura Hotel, Hotel Senda Monteverde, Hotel Aguas Claras, Jicaro Island, Pasha Estate) We consistently strive to balance Sanitary Measures while we focus on […]

How we do Sustainability – The Cayuga Way!

We strive to create the perfect symbiosis of Sustainability and Luxury for our guests in our Hotels, Resorts and Lodges in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama.  Sometimes we get asked what we understand by “being sustainable”.  Here a quick summary of our actions and initiatives that we think have a big impact on protecting the environment and really make a difference in […]