Handprint vs. Footprint – How to travel in a sustainable way?

This is a Guest Blog written by Carolin Seiferth. A student at the Hochschule Stralsund in Germany. She will finish a 6-month internship at Senda Monteverde, a Cayuga Collection Hotel next month. When I told my friends last year that I would like to put a heavy emphasis on sustainability in tourism during my internship […]

Planning Your Costa Rican Adventure – Monteverde or Arenal?

Both tucked away up in the northwest of the country, Monteverde and Arenal are undeniably Costa Rica’s most popular mountain destinations.  And it’s often difficult to choose between the two. Rightfully world-famous for its mystical cloud forests is mountain-top Monteverde, while Arenal is known for its now dormant volcano which once spewed lava on a […]

Opening our Senda Monteverde Hotel – From 0 to 100 in Three Short Days

If you have ever participated in the opening of a hotel, you’ll know that it is one of the most hectic and craziest business experiences out there.  It wasn’t a whole lot different in the idyllic cloud forest mountain town of Monteverde, where we’ve just opened Senda Hotel.  Construction and furniture delivery were delayed by more […]