Undertourism – This Destination needs your Attention

National Geographic recently published an article about the “destinations that want your attention” vs. the many other destinations that are swamped and suffering from over-tourism. Last year saw a number of destinations finally put the brakes on over-tourism.  Venice announced payments for entry, Bruges cut the number of cruise ships and Paris declared intentions to […]

Global Tourism Challenges have arrived in Costa Rica  

Global Tourism Challenges have arrived in Costa Rica     Last month, we were invited to present on the topic of “The Future of Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism” as keynote speakers at an important travel event called Remote Latin America.  On the horizon, we identified three main challenges that are slowly but surely creeping up on Costa Rica. […]

Measuring the Success of Tourism – It’s not All in the Numbers

“Tourism acts like fire.  If used right, it can change the world for the better.  But if it gets out of control, its powers can be highly destructive.”  Those are the wise words of Costas Christ, one of the world’s most renowned sustainable tourism consultants, shared in a meeting at National Geographic last month.  His comments come at […]