Why Celebrate Wellness Day – the Cayuga Way?

At the Cayuga Collection, we are proud to offer our guests enriching stays in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. In all of our hotels and lodges, we’ve designed every detail to encourage all who visit to experience, learn, connect and relax in an authentic way.  And the key to our authenticity?

We walk the talk.

We’re a group of sustainable hotels and we do things right. We believe that our responsible practices can make a difference in this world. Think everything from hotel operations to staff well-being.

On a human level, our sustainable philosophies are closely tied to wellness. That’s why on June 8th we’ll be celebrating “Pura Vida” Wellness Day. By doing so, we hope to raise awareness amongst out guests and team members about the importance of making sound decisions when it comes to their physical and mental health.

Building on our Experience – Learn – Connect – Relax concept, we’ll be doing Pura Vida Wellness the Cayuga Way, through a number of scheduled activities for the day:

Take a walk, breath and stretch

We’ll be taking our guests on guided nature walks, making sure their oxygen levels reach new highs. Our hotels and lodges enjoy privileged locations amidst forests and next to oceans, offering extraordinary natural settings that have the power to clear the mind, to inspire the soul, and to awaken a new appreciation for the rich flora and fauna spotted along the way. 

Caroline spent her Internship in the Cloud Forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Stop for a moment and look around. 

Have you ever noticed all the species that surround you?  Have you delved into the intricacies of the ecosystems you live within and explore? Talk to our local naturalist guides and take part in our wildlife chats. They’re teachers at heart and love nothing more than to see their guests’ brains ticking away and eyes lighting up at new and curious facts. 

Hands-on experiences for our guests: in a couple of weeks this native plant will attract hummingbirds and butterflies through its sweet nectar.

Talk to each other.  

On Wellness Day and every day, we say put the devices down and look up and around. Connect more in person, and less over messenger. We are lucky to welcome the most magnificent group of worldly, interesting guests to our sustainable luxury hotels and lodges, and even luckier to have a 500-strong team of motivated locals with plenty of tales to tell. Share stories, laugh together and learn from each other about diverse cultures around the planet. More often than not, it’s the quality of human connects and the sense of community that really influence our wellbeing.

Breath deep and relax.  

Save a special moment during Pura Vida Wellness Day to be thankful. Sit back and smile in your heart for the enriching experiences you’ve lived and will come to live.  Create some space in your head and let go of what you think you “have to do” and focus on what you “want to do”.  Sign up for one of our complimentary yoga classes to look inwards and relax. 


Not able to join us this year for Wellness Day in Costa Rica, Nicaragua or Panama?  Don’t worry.  Every day is Pura Vida Wellness Day at the Cayuga Collection. Contact us at reservations@cayugaonline.com – we’ll be ready and waiting to help you experience, learn, connect and relax with us whenever you most need it.

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