Costa Rica in a Day? Go Coast to Coast the Cayuga Way

What if you could experience the essence of Costa Rica in a day? Just think, how memorable would it be to soak up two different cultures across two different coasts in the space of 12 hours? You could catch a sunrise on the golden shores of the Caribbean Sea. Spend a morning peddling along the palm-shaded coastal road to Puerto Viejo. You could enjoy your fill of fresh whole fish with coconut rice and beans too – and do it all by midday, right on time for your private helicopter charter over to the Pacific. Now that’s an adventure in itself.

Fly by private helicopter charter from Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast to its Pacific and experience them both in a day

Imagine flying over the iconic rainforests of Costa Rica, taking in the awe-inspiring vastness of it all on the speedy journey that whisks you from the turquoise Caribbean to the jade Pacific in a matter of minutes. You’d make it to the wild tropics on the other side of Central America by afternoon, in time to catch a famous Pacific wave or two and a dramatic sunset over the ocean from high in the rainforested hills. Wouldn’t that be a day well spent?

Now let’s make it happen.

The Cayuga Coast-to-Coast Adventure starts at Hotel Aguas Claras in Puerto Viejo. Our newest Collection member and the first ever Cayuga hotel on the Caribbean Coast, we’re proud to bring sustainable luxury to the other side of Costa Rica and even more excited to finally connect the country the Cayuga Way.

Wake up at at Hotel Aguas Claras on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast

Just steps from the warm sands of Playa Chiquita, this beachfront artist-owned hotel packs a tonne of personality, and for all those looking for a modern, boutique stay full of character, there’s nowhere quite like Aguas Claras in Puerto Viejo. Here you can look forward to an authentic taste of the Caribbean at its most colorful and charming before flying over to the Pacific.

Perfectly paired with Hotel Aguas Claras is Kurà, our ultra-boutique, uber-romantic resort perched in the Uvita mountains. With a helipad just 5 minutes from the minimalist luxury hotel, getting to Kurà from the Caribbean Coast is a breeze. And once you’re there… you won’t be able to take your eyes of the views. Overlooking the impressive Whale’s Tail sandbar of the Marino Ballena National Park plus miles and miles of ocean, this is Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast at its very finest.

Catch the sunset at Kurà on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast

Keen to explore more of Pacific Costa Rica while you’re there? Hop from Kurà up the coast to Arenas Del Mar, our luxury beachfront and rainforest resort in Manuel Antonio, or even further north to the sun-kissed shores of surf-chic Santa Teresa, home to our most intimate, low-key luxe beach house resort, Latitude 10°.

Plan your Cayuga Coast-to-Coast Adventure

Our expert Travel Advisors are here to help you plan every detail including your stay at Aguas Claras and Kurà, and your private helicopter travel between the two. Chat to us by clicking the chat icon below or reach out to us via email at And of course, we will be able to help you “offset” your carbon emissions from this trip. After all, it is about traveling in a sustainable way.

Please note: Hotel Aguas Claras and Kurà are adults-only properties.

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