What is the Cayuga Collection? An Elevator Pitch.

We are an award-winning Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels & Lodges in Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua.  We are recognized as World Leaders in our field and have set the benchmark for sustainable tourism for almost 20 years.  Our guests, staff and hotel owners are raving fans of The Cayuga Way, our signature style of travel done differently.

Arenas del Mar Resort, Manuel Antonio

The sustainable operations of our hotels and lodges have a positive impact on nature and wildlife conservation, local school and environmental education and community development.  We deeply care about our staff, exclusively employing locals and helping them excel professionally through education, training and career paths.

We are all about service, always helpful and always working hard to exceed expectations.  Beyond impeccable hospitality, innovative culinary experiences and “like-new” infrastructure, our operations are all designed for guests to Experience – Learn – Connect – Relax.  We don’t outsource the experience to third parties.

What to Expect in July – August

We carefully monitor the performance of our hotels and lodges in terms of financial results, guest satisfaction, employee engagement and sustainability. We are creative about finding ways to improve. 

Cayuga was founded by Andrea Bonilla and Hans Pfister, both hospitality professionals passionate about creating a symbiosis between sustainability and luxury.  They believe that tourism done the right way can have a very positive impact on both people and planet. 

Meet Our Corporate Team

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  1. That about sums it up, however, I would emphasize the uniqueness of the experience and the fact that your properties aren’t cookie-cutter but reflect the areas in which they are built. I like to think of your properties as being totally sustainable taking into consideration not only the planet but the PEOPLE, b/c it’s your employees who really make CSH different.

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