Welcome to the 2023 Wildlife Season at the Cayuga Collection

We often get asked when is the best time to visit Costa Rica.  If you are purely looking for sun and beach, it is probably the high season on the Pacific coast between December and March.  But if you look for more than that and are not a big fan of crowds the time has come. 

The months of April to November are a magical time in Costa Rica.  This is THE time to visit. 

Get your Wildlife Mini Guide here. Take a look at your guide and you will understand why.

It is the best time for witnessing one-of-a-kind wildlife experiences as the rainforest is at its most abundant green and the rivers are flowing and full of life. 

It is the time to watch turtles nest on the beach or baby turtles hatch and wobble toward the ocean.  It is the time to observe dolphins and whales that migrate from both the northern and southern hemispheres to meet in warm waters.  You will be observing many mammals like sloths and monkeys with their babies. 

Our local naturalist guides at the Cayuga Collection Hotels will make sure you are able to check off all your bucket-list wildlife experiences. 

Watch this short one-minute video to learn more from our guides about the wildlife season.

Interested in learning more about the Wildlife Season? Write to us at info@cayugacollection.com

And there is one very special region of Costa Rica where it is wildlife season all year around.  Check out the Caribbean Coast. The very best time to visit is between mid-August and mid-November as in addition to lush vegetation you will experience clear and calm Caribbean Ocean vibes.

Which Coast is better in Costa Rica? The Pacific or the Caribbean?  Check out this blog

Hotel Aguas Claras in Puerto Viejo on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast.

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