Top Travel Trend #3: Slo-Mo is the new #FOMO

It is the time of the year when 2020 Tourism and Hospitality Trends are published.  What is the new hot thing next year?  Here is one that caught our eye. predicts these Top Travel Trends.  Read more here

A 400-Acre, Luxury Island Resort in Panama
Slo-Mo at Isla Palenque in Panama

Trend #3 in this article is about “taking it slow”.  While FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out – was all about packing in as much as possible into one vacation, Slo-Mo is about taking slower modes of transport to reduce environmental impact and really take in the experience

“Types of transport that play into our desire to take the pace down a notch will also come into their own – from peddling bikes to trams, sleds and boats, as well as our own two feet. In fact, over half (57%) of travelers already don’t mind spending more time traveling to reach their destination if they’re taking a unique mode of transport. Likewise, 64% would be interested in feeling as if they are going back in time by taking a historical train journey.”

A Sense of Place

At our hotels and lodges in Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua, we find that a lot of guests spend their first day or so still pumped up with the adrenaline of living in New York, London or other big cities.  Every part of their vacation needs to be planned and scheduled.  7 am Yoga – 8:30 breakfast – 10 am horseback riding – 12:30 lunch – 2 pm relax – 4 pm cooking lessons – 6 pm night walk – 7:30 pm romantic dinner.  And repeat the next day… 

An Adults-Only Arts Hotel in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
Slo-mo hospitality Caribbean Style at Aguas Claras, Puerto Viejo.

Or not…  Maybe by day two, they had the chance to breathe in and breathe out.  Smell the flowers and hear the birds.  Observe the butterflies.  Talk to our manager and get the “coaching” on how to take it easy down here.  Slow down.  See how you feel today.   Let go. 

Get into a tropical Pura Vida – life in the slow lane – mindset.  You can still do all the activities and tours you want.  We understand that you came to be active, experience and learn.  But you don’t have to plan all of this days in advance.  Wake up.  See how you feel.  How about a bit of spontaneity?  Make a decision on what you want to do “a la minute”.   Or maybe you don’t want to do anything.  That is totally ok.  That is a vacation.  That is Slo-Mo, the Cayuga Way. 

As we said before… learn from the locals!

Oh, and if you want help booking you on a public bus to Manuel Antonio or Puerto Viejo?  We can do this.  Or maybe take public transport and ferry from Monteverde to Santa Teresa?  No problem.   Cross the border on foot into Nicaragua or Panama.  A great experience.  Just let us know.  We are here to help. 

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