Sustainability – It is all about People – Dona Amparo

We often get asked: “What the most important thing about sustainability for you at Cayuga?”  And the answer is simple.  It is all about people.  While saving energy and utilities is important, the well-being of the local communities where we operate is our number one priority.  And it all starts with our staff.  Meet Amparo Campos, Breakfast Waitress at Arenas del Mar in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. 

El Mirador Restaurant at Arenas del Mar in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Dona Amparo started to work at Arenas del Mar 12 years ago and she was among the first ones to join the team.  Now, she is about to retire so that she can dedicate more of her time to her children and grandchildren.  Amparo first arrived at Arenas del Mar to help make flower arrangements for the opening of the hotel.  At age 52, she was not really looking to start a new career, but the philosophy of the hotel caught her attention and she asked to be trained as a waitress.

She is thankful for this opportunity and for the “Cayuga Way” of constantly learning and improving.  She has seen how many of her colleagues have joined a career path and have received promotions at Arenas del Mar or other Cayuga Collection Hotels.  She says that never has she felt “tired of coming to work” as every day offered new situations and learning with her colleagues.  Her positive attitude towards everything and everybody and her passion for her work are things that will be missed when Amparo retires at age 65 in April. 

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