“Soy Cayuga” – Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

This week we finished a series of training sessions for our management teams at the Cayuga Collection Hotels. Andrea Bonilla, one of the co-founders of Cayuga was in charge of the training sessions that started in June and focused mostly on culture.

We could not agree more with management guru Peter Drucker when he said that “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”. The Cayuga Collection is all about culture. It is The Cayuga Way!

Some of the topics covered by the participants included Franklin Covey’s Seven Habits, Five Choices, and the Speed of Trust which are all concepts deeply engrained in our day-to-day operations at the hotels.

We also covered the “Cinco Acuerdos” by Miguel Ruiz which is not quite as business-oriented but has had a powerful impact on the lives of our employees and their performance at work.

We explored concepts like Non-Aggressive Communication, the Culture of Peace, and Emotional Intelligence through presentations, videos, group work, and role play.

We discussed our crucially important goals and key performance indicators and reviewed other Cayuga Concepts like: Wow Moments, Soy Servicio, Pura Vida Wellbeing, and the newly introduced philosophy of “DeeJay”.

Our concept of Experience – Learn – Connect – Relax is a very important part of our culture at Cayuga and was complemented by the idea that Luxury Hospitality Consultant Liv Gussing introduced earlier this year, that we are all Guardians of the beautiful places where our hotels are located.

And it was also great to see that almost half of the members of our management team are women (45%) which is something that we have been actively promoting since the reopening of the hotels after Covid.

And when it was all finished and before everybody headed back to Panama, Uvita, Manuel Antonio, Monteverde, Santa Teresa, and Puerto Viejo, we celebrated our culture with Pizza and Beers at Stiefel Pub in Escazu. That is also the Cayuga Way!

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