Prince Harry is trying to make travel greener. And we want to help him.

Last week we caught wind of Prince Harry’s new sustainable travel initiative, Travalyst. According to the website, it aims to “change the impact of travel, for good”, acting as the “driving force that paves a new way to travel” without necessarily getting people to travel less. Travalyst wants to help “everyone explore our world in a way that protects both people and places, and secures a positive future for destinations and local communities for generations to come” – something we at the Cayuga Collection have worked hard to do in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and more recently Panama for almost 20 years.

At the Cayuga Collection, we’ve been working hard to change the impact of travel for almost 20 years

The vision for Travalyst certainly sounds ambitious, even for a prince. But the British royal isn’t taking on the future of travel all on his own. Through the initiative, he’s created a global partnership that includes Visa as well as travel companies, Ctrip, Skysanner and TripAdvisor. And sharing much the same dream for an industry where sustainable travel isn’t just a niche, we’re keen to get involved at the Cayuga Collection too.

While the actions that Travalyst is set to take are all a little airy fairy at this stage, as world leaders in sustainable hospitality, we want to lend Prince Harry a hand. First things first, that means inviting him out on an inspiring family vacation with the Cayuga Collection; a simultaneously low key and luxury rainforest-beach escape and a powerful lesson in sustainable tourism at work in the Americas. We’re confident a visit to our tropics will help the well-known lover of African safaris develop a more global picture of all the good that’s already going on in the world of green travel.

Hotel Aguas Claras in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica – Just one of the Cayuga Collection sustainable luxury properties fit for royals

So Prince Harry, we warmly invite you to come and visit our hotels and lodges in Central America and let us show you what we’ve learned about sustainable travel over the last few decades. We’ll show you how tropical vacations can actually improve your environmental footprint, and how taking the long-haul flight to get there might in fact have net benefits.

We’ll take you behind the scenes and show you how high-end hotel operations don’t have to cost the earth, and we’ll take you into our local communities to talk all things conservation and sustainable development with those who live it every day. We might even be able to help you influence the thinking of some of today’s biggest polluters and tomorrow’s most powerful visionaries.

And what’s more, you won’t be seeing any single-use plastics during your stay with us. We started banishing those 20 years ago. We know you’ll love the idea of flying privately without any of the backlash too… happily, chartering a plane in Costa Rica can easily be a carbon-neutral affair. What’s not to love?

Isla Palenque in the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama – A secluded private island resort and National Geographic Unique Lodge we know the Sussexes will love

Hoping to experience a little more than Central America and learn from some of the world’s most forward-thinking sustainable luxury hotels? We know our National Geographic Unique Lodge friends across the globe will have plenty to add to the conversation too. Just reach out and we’ll be glad to share.

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