Mirrors to & from the Sea

Mirror installation in the coastal jungle of Playa Chiquita, Puerto Viejo, Limón, Costa Rica

If you have visited our DA Lime Beachfront Restaurant at Aguas Claras, you know this is a very special place.  The rain forest. The animals.  The beach.  The architecture.  The garden. The decor.  The fresh local food. The Music.  The tropical drinks.  And of course the people.

Costa Rican artists Fabian Alvarado and Elena Rohrmoser (who is also co-owner of Hotel Aguas Claras with her mother Elizabeth) added another dimension to this experience.  They placed mirrors in strategic positions between the Dalime restaurant. 

When visiting DA Lime Beach Club, you can experience the appearance of two rectangular mirrors located in the jungle gardens in different directions; one welcoming your visit to the Caribbean Sea and another reflecting the alternate route from the sea to the Hotel.

By means of the object in the place of the walk, individuals can recognize themselves, save the moment in their memory and share it with others as memories of being in the Caribbean, identifying with the reflection of their presence in the jungle, in an enchanted place longed for by its strength and its life, (…) origin and destination, proximity to the Sea.

“The setting of mirrors is a tool for the being; and only seeks to awaken souls to the essence of themselves… in the poetic context of the beach.  In the same way, the work of art, Mirrors to/from the Sea, finds a simple way in, and without much explanation, it belongs to one of the many other installations and pieces of what for us is a magical and effervescent oasis in avant-garde and eclecticism, Hotel AGUAS CLARAS.”

The idea of installing these mirrors is to create a deeper dialogue between the visitors and the environment, inviting them to be part of the immediate landscape with their physical and virtual presence, with the awareness of their being in the garden.

The project is a voice against alienation.  A game between your being and your soul.  The participation of the individual with itself and with the whole.  It is a prologue to the ocean. A before and after that cross the now of the meeting, at its precise moment. It is the third bridge between the waves, the chest, and the back. This very moment of reading, and the experience on-site

When its use is transformative, it reflects the walk through the garden with the image of itself; it is the inclusion of the person with their visit and their unique experience.  This reaction towards/from the intimate (the visitor reflected and rediscovered in the tropics), makes the landscape dynamics even richer and more interactive.

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