“Life Saving” – going beyond the call of duty!

At Cayuga, we work hard every day to make our guests happy.  Saving lives is usually not part of our daily routine.  At Kura Design Villas, we had to go a bit beyond to do some “Life saving” Here is the Tripadvisor Review from our Guest: Beautiful Costa Rica, traveling trough the mountains. Imagine you are following google map and it leads you into a road that is actually not paved and not a road for cars, but there is no way to know that, and you end up going downhill with brakes not working, car taking more and more speed. It’s nigh time, you know there are some 100-200 M cliffs out there, but you can’t see. You and your girlfriend want to jump of the car, but change your mind. Two seconds later, you loose control of the car, jump a cliff while hitting something and doing a 180 degrees turn, car hits the ground badly 2 meters lower, bags deployed and hit your face, girlfriend ejected in the back seats and car keeps going down hill, literally falling backyards. You end up 30 meters lower on a tree. Police is useless, they can’t figure out how to find you, nor make you texting them, they literally leave you dying there. Not even trying to call you back. You had fallen deep into the jungle and guess who is coming to pick you up, helping picking the luggages in the mud, up a 60 degree cliff, bring you to your hotel, wash your clothes and luggages, give you free tenderloin, desert and drinks, and give you an upgrade into their best suite? The Kura Design hotel staff!!! Yes, you heard me. I will be eternally grateful for that. On top of that, be clear that we have traveled into 5 stars hotels all around the world and this is the absolute paradise. It is expensive, but worth the money, and not just because it’s absolutely stunning and everything that I wrote up there, but because it’s is out of this world. I usually need to constantly move and do something, but this is so amazing that I felt full of energy, never bored. Also, it’s small, but you don’t feel like you are alone. Other guest are also the nice educated type and they know how to behave. You can keep your space or go for chats and hang out. For the first time of my life, I could say as a physician, that if you need to heal from something physical or psychological or both, it is a place to do it. Getting the upgrade for the suite with the infinite pool is worth it, believe me. The most romantic ever, best architecture ever. Food is amazing and healthy, best drinks ever. Please do me a personal favor and book them… they deserve it. They will hopefully not have to pick you from down a cliff, but you will be very happy of who they are and of this hotel. Of note, I would have made a similar review having not had this accident. 6 stars!!! A special thanks to Cindy, Lley, Paola, Douglas and Sergio of our “rescue team” at Kura.  For future guests, we recommend not to use Waze or Google Maps in rural Costa Rica as it will take you on roads that might be OK for horses, but not for cars.  See our blog on this topic here.

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