Let’s Recycle as little as possible!

We try to recycle as little as possible. Especially plastic. Because if you are forced to recycle, you did something wrong in the first place. It is our last resource. Here is why.

We REFUSE excessive packaging. We have not used plastic bottles for water for over ten years at our hotels, resorts, and lodges. We started to make our own ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise in order to avoid imported plastic bottles. We work hard with our suppliers to convince them to use as little plastic as possible in packaging – of course without making a sacrifice on hygiene.

Bamboo Straws
We started to use bamboo straws ten years ago when nobody really had this issue on their radar. We are glad that many other businesses have started to eliminate them from their restaurants now.

We REDUCE solid waste whenever we can. And we measure our reduction efforts on a regular basis. We weigh and record all the trash we produce.

Back of the house tour at Senda Monteverde. All of our hotels are transparent and open for guests to explore the back of the house. We teach our guests about our sustainability efforts.

We REUSE things. We buy crates for our vegetable suppliers and rotate them with every delivery. And we get creative with things that can have an alternative use after their original use.

A creative way to reuse something that has completed its useful life. This wheel barrel now is part of the vegetable and herb gardens at Senda Monteverde in the Cloud Forest of Costa Rica.

And if there is no way out… we RECYCLE. Mostly plastic bottles that are brought by guests. But also wine bottles from the restaurant as well as paper.

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