Isla Palenque – Island Luxury and Sustainability in a class of its own

On July 1st, 2018, Isla Palenque will join the Cayuga Collection as its first Panamanian Hotel.  It will redefine sustainable luxury in Panama.  Here is why we think that Isla Palenque will be extremely popular, even within the first months of its operation.

Beaches, Beaches & More Beaches.

Isla Palenque
This is Isla Palenque’s main beach with the restaurant, beachfront casitas. Ideal for swimming or other water sports. There are seven beaches to choose from on the island.

If you are planning to be on an island for a few days, the food better be good…

At Isla Palenque it is all about fresh, local and delicious. Located in the Pacific Ocean, we have a strong focus on seafood, but we are located just a few miles from Panama’s premier vegetable and fruit growing region as well. Buen provecho!

There is sooo much to do.  you will never get bored.  Promised.

How about some snorkeling today? A rain forest hike tomorrow? And a visit to a coffee plantation and a volcano the day after? Wait, will there be enough time to relax? Of course. Just stay another day.

The Beachfront Casitas – you may never want to leave this paradise.

If there is a definition of barefoot luxury, you will live it at our beachfront casitas. We are literally just steps from the beach and the ocean.

Did we mention beachfront?  Palm trees?  Hammocks?

Your Month-by-Month Guide to Traveling in Green Season
This is the view from your beachfront casita. The beach is your living room.

Secrets of the Island.  You won’t believe it until you go on this hike…

Embrace Your Inner Explorer
Isla Palenque was a very important settlement for local indigenous tribes. On the hikes into the rain forest of the island, you will be able to be a “hobby archaeologist” and find pottery that might be key to understand the past of the island. Watch out Indy!

Morning Yoga on a tropical Island.  Stress?  What stress?  

The Harmony Hotel
Active relaxation is a key element of the Isla Palenque Experience.

Sustainability is in our DNA at Cayuga. 

Green Gardening
At Cayuga, our sustainability philosophy is all about “local”. Local food, local staff, local materials. A “back of the house” tour to explore our vegetable garden is the best way to learn about how we do sustainability – the Cayuga way.

We are located right next to a Marina Park

A must do experience is our Island Hopping Tour. Explore the Gulf of Chiriqui Marine National Park by boat.

The Staff – our biggest asset. 

Meet the opening team of Isla Palenque. This is the core team that is preparing the island for its first guests. At full capacity, we will be providing employment for over 50 locals.

Travel Done Differently – The Cayuga Way

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We will see you at our dock… hopefully real soon. 

A 400-Acre, Luxury Island Resort in Panama
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