How we turn Happy Guests into Raging Fans

Come see for yourself!  We are transparent in what we do.   All back of the house areas are accessible to our guests.  When you walk the talk of sustainability, there is nothing to hide.  And we have found that our guests honor that – no, they love it!

At every Cayuga Collection Hotel in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama, we offer a complimentary guided back of the house tour for our guests.   We started this tour about 15 years ago to show interested guests our sustainability practices but soon found that it is one of our best marketing tools.  Every guest that goes on this tour and spends a couple of hours learning what it means to be a sustainable hotel, leaves as a “raving fan” and with the “sustainability bug” well planted.

And there is another added benefit.   Opening up the back of the house obliges us to have the areas that are typically not accessible to guests as neat and orderly as the front of the house areas of the hotel.  And that in return helps to keep the front of the house “spic and span” and improves the overall experience of our guests.

Here are some examples of the people you would meet and the things you would learn when you go on one of our back of the house tours.

We separate all trash into recyclables and keep strict records. Our goal is to produce as little trash as possible and also reduce the need to recycle. Best not to produce anything at all. Refuse and Reuse!
By heading to the back of the house, you get a chance to meet and interact with some staff members that you would normally not meet. Here is Ruben. He started as a construction worker at Arenas del Mar and now is leading the gardening team. He and his team are also responsible for dealing with the trash.
Depending on the hotel you are visiting, we might treat you with some local snacks or a cold drink. Also an opportunity for interaction with our back of the house staff.
If you take the “Pigs, Twigs & Garbage” Tour at Lapa Rios, you will meet our famous pigs. They have even been featured in National Geographic. Learn about our pigs with a mission.
We will take you to our vegetable gardens and teach you about our challenges here. Growing our own produce in a rainforest full of “biodiversity” is not always easy, but we are getting better every year.
Some of our hotels have their own woodshops where we build the furniture for the hotels. Of course, in a tropical climate next to the Ocean, there is always a lot of maintenance work to do as well. This picture is taken at Isla Palenque in Panama.
But what our guests on the back of the house tour enjoy most is the interaction. Don’t forget to meet our long terms staff member Burgos when you visit Latitude 10 in Santa Teresa.

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