How Cayuga Collection provides exceptional hospitality by empowering its teams

By Josiah Mackenzie · Posted on July 22, 2022

“Guests really like interacting with our people,” Hans Pfister, founder and President of Cayuga Collection told me recently. “It feels authentic and it feels special because our teams are proud to work here and are so engaged.

”Hans is on a mission to show that ensuring sustainability in both the environment and his teams is not only the right thing to do but plays a key role in delivering business performance. Cayuga Collection is a hotel management company in Costa Rica that Hans started after spending years as a general manager at hotels in Costa Rica and Germany.

Guests and travel journalists alike consistently talk about how engaged the staff is at Cayuga properties and how pride in their work shows through.“They are really so proud to share their country, their region, their wildlife, and everything else with our guests – and that makes all the difference.

”Cayuga does a lot to take care of its people. They only hire local people for both line staff and management positions and invest heavily in training and benefits for them. They provide things such as a company doctor that takes care of staff – and their families. They employ their associates year-round, and not just in the high season. 

“Providing great amenities may not seem super innovative if you work at Google or Facebook, but if you work in a remote place on an island somewhere with little infrastructure, it’s quite special.”

Read the full interview here.

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