How about Surfing Lessons for your kids?

Wondering how to get your son or daughter off the electronic device? How about a surfing lesson? Not only does it create a great connection with nature and the ocean, but it also helps the improvement of local communities in the tropics. Here is how it works.

Surfing is cool. Surf culture is cool. Most likely, you will get your kid or teenager’s attention if you talk to them about the possibility of a surf lesson in warm waters of the tropics. And while surfing is not an easy sport to master, the first lessons are lots of fun and “getting up on the board” is almost guaranteed.


Surf Lessons at Arenas del Mar against the backdrop of Manuel Antonio National Park.

During surf lessons at our hotels and lodges, we team up a local surf instructor with one or two guests and they spend a couple of hours in the warm water catching waves. In the case of Arenas del Mar in Manuel Antonio, the surf instructors are our lifeguards. They grew up in the local communities and know the ocean since they were little.

Arenas del Mar’s lifeguard Marco with an 11-year-old guest after surf lessons. Success!

Lifeguarding at Arenas del Mar has become a career path for several of our staff members. Freddy, is the perfect example. He describes himself as a typical “beach bum” before working at Arenas del Mar. Today, five years later he is a guest concierge and communicates with guests prior to their arrival about their special needs or interests.


Freddy on Sunday morning, his day off, getting ready to hit the waves at Espadilla Beach.

Interested in getting your kids in the water and helping locals like Freddy and Marco to have a career in hospitality? Send us a note to

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