Culinary sustainability at Cayuga – what’s new?

At all Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges, we have always had a strong focus on using the freshest local ingredients in our kitchens. Our recipes are locally inspired and prepared by chefs from Costa Rica, Nicaragua or Panama (depending on the location of the hotel).

You won’t find imported proteins such as salmon from the North Atlantic, Lamb from New Zealand or Beef from the United States on our menus. It just does not make any sense from a sustainability, nor freshness point of view.

In recent weeks, we decided to take an even closer look at our culinary programs and started a sustainability drive at Cayuga Collection’s Arenas del Mar Resort in Manuel Antonio to see how we could continue to reduce plastic packaging, pesticides in our fruits and vegetables, lower our carbon footprint and improve other aspects that create a better guest experience and help protect the environment.

At Cayuga we make a big effort to develop a sustainable, fresh and delicious menu.
Our famous “Playitas-burger”
Working on the Vegetable Gardens

We still have a long way to go, but we are proud of what we have accomplished. Right now we are talking to a local farmer about providing us with free range eggs and we just decided to take octopus off the menu as it is no longer fished in a sustainable way in Costa Rica.

If you have thoughts or ideas. We would love to hear from you and we promise to keep you updated on any news and changes that we implement.

View From El Mirador Restaurant
View from El Mirador Restaurant at Arenas del Mar to Manuel Antonio National Park.

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