Would you consider Panama for a Boutique Luxury Vacation?

The Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges is expanding. We are in the process of building a Luxury Boutique Resort of 12 suites and beachfront Casitas island off the Pacific coast of Panama.  We are set to open to guests in June and are now stepping up our efforts to “get the word out”.  We are reaching out to our Cayuga Aficionados and guests that have visited the other Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Hard to find a resort that is closer to a private beach than this.

We are also working with a great team of professionals (Clark Kotula and Kirstin Gardener ) that help us get the word out with the travel advisor and wholesaler community in the U.S. and Canada.  We are about to sign up the resort with TravellerMade as well.

Our public relations team is reaching out to travel writers that have been covering our Costarican and Nicaraguan properties and we have already received coverage in the New York Times early this year.

At the Cayuga Collection, we create memories and incredible experiences.

So here is the good news.  Panama is quite well known, and people have a positive image of Panama.  They mostly know about the canal.  It is a safe place to visit, the currency is the US dollars, so no need for complicated conversions and English is widely spoken.

It is easy and fairly cheap to fly to Panama City as it is a major hub for Copa Airlines with daily flights from North-, South-, and Central America as well as Europe. 

Panama is also a natural paradise featuring more than 10,000 plant species and well over 900 different bird species.  It has 1,786 miles of coastline on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and a great indigenous heritage.  It is not as heavily visited as nearby Costa Rica and people often remark that it is like visiting Costa Rica 20 years ago.

Aerial view of Isla Palenque in the Golfo de Chiriqui, Panama.

But is Panama known as a luxury destination for travelers?  According to colleagues that have been operating in Panama for years, they are struggling to compete in the luxury segment with other destinations, mostly due to the fact that most upscale accommodations are in or near Panama City.  The rural areas have not been developed in terms of luxury hotels, resorts or lodges.

With the opening of Palenque Island Resort, we want to introduce the symbiosis of Sustainability and Luxury to Panama.  We have successfully shown that this symbiosis is not only possible but extremely attractive to the well-educated, adventure-seeking Luxury Traveler from North America and Europe.

Stay tuned to learn more as we get closer to our opening date.  Interested in booking, contact us here.

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