The Christmas Winds in Costa Rica

Early December is the best time of the year to live and to visit Costa Rica.   Why?  It marks the ends of the rains, but the vegetation is still lush and green and the wildlife is out and about everywhere.  Temperatures are slightly cooler so that even at the beach you probably don’t need A/C to sleep at night and can listen to the sounds of the ocean lull you to sleep.  But most importantly, most Ticos are very happy and out in the streets having a good time as they just received their “Aguinaldo” which is the mandatory Christmas bonus that is equivalent to one month’s salary.   Christmas is “in the air” and there is a constant cool breeze that are called the “Vientos Navideños”.   And by the way, the same is true for Nicaragua and Panama as well.

At the Cayuga Collection it is the time to get ready for the holiday and high season.  We finish our infrastructure projects and renovations at the hotels and lodges and make sure that everything looks like new.  We make sure that all the training programs have come to a successful end and that we are ready for the “best high season ever”.

In October and November of this year, we did a complete “revamp” of the Mirador Restaurant and Pool area at Arenas del Mar in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

And just before Christmas, the General Managers, Operations Managers and corporate team meet one more time for an activity in San Jose.  This year, we changed the rural and natural environments that we typically operate in for a very urban experience in the center of San Jose.  We had our annual Christmas Get Together with a focus on culture and history.

You're in Good Company
The Cayuga team walking the streets of San Jose learning about its history and facts that not even locals are quite aware of. To the left is the “metallic school” that was imported from Belgium almost 100 years ago.

Besides getting a tour of San Jose’s National Theater that is a must see for anybody interested in culture and history, we visited the Gold Museum which displays not only archaeological artifacts, but also the history of money in Costa Rica as well as temporary art exhibits.

And we finished at the rooftop bar of the Hotel Presidente in San Jose Downtown for a happy hour and a few hours of relaxed conversation, local food and drinks.  We are ready for the season to come and looking forward to a successful year 2018.  

“Experience – Learn – Connect – Relax”

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