Cayuga Retreat 2022 – Back to Jicaro Island in Nicaragua

Last month, we were able to have our first Cayuga Management Retreat since 2019.  It was our first international one.  We went to visit Jicaro Island in Lake Nicaragua.  We have been in charge of the management of this amazing former National Geographic Unique Lodge since 2009 and it was a real treat to go there as ‘guests’ and enjoy everything the island has to offer. 

We have been taking our management teams on retreats every year since 2003.  We hiked Costa Rica’s Chirripo Mountain, surfed the waves of Bahia Ballena National Park, slept behind the gushing sounds of the Diamante waterfall, rafted rivers, and climbed volcanoes.    

We wanted this retreat to be a very special one and a reward for our managers for the incredible work they have done during and post the pandemic.  Our lemma at Cayuga is “Experience – Learn – Connect – Relax” and this, combined with a dose of community service and giving back, is what we did.

See for yourself…

Jicaro Island is located in Lake Nicaragua near the colonial town of Granada.

Getting there is part of the fun. Jicaro is located only 15 minutes by boat from Granada.

Nicaragua still feels quite pristine and “off the beaten path” which makes it a great destination for the curious traveler.

One of the activities that the Jicaro team had set up for us was a relay race. Swimming, kayaking, and last but not least, rowing the traditional Lake Nicaragua fishing boats.

Another activity was a Cayuga Trivia before dinner on the last day. Lots of things to learn about sustainable hospitality management since 2003.

But the most important activity was the painting of a school located on one of the “Isletas” next to Jicaro. Here is Howard, Jicaro’s General Manager since its opening in 2009 showing us how it is done.

We painted the school on a Wednesday, so the kids were in class.

Helping others is a great bonding experience. If you don’t believe it. Ask Felipe or Johan.

We would not be Cayuga if we would not plant trees on the island as well.

We also donated some games for the students for recess and…

… inaugurated the new soccer goals with a match.

The parent’s committee and the students thanked us for the donations and then it was back to class for everybody.

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