Cayuga People – Meet Diamanda of Jicaro Island Lodge, Nicaragua

Diamanda del Socorro Jimenez Zapata – an impressive full name to say the least – has lived in Granada all of her life.  She has seven brothers and sisters, is married and has an eight-year-old daughter called Isabella.  She is also currently taking classes in business administration at UHISPAN in Granada.
Diamanda started working at Jicaro Lodge over seven years ago as a waitress.  Due to her dedication, great guest interaction and attention to detail, she quickly became the restaurant leader.  Today, Diamanda is Jicaro’s Food & Beverage Coordinator, and one with years of experience under her belt.  “I love to pass my knowledge onto the team” says Diamanda.  “I’m happy when all the guests at Jicaro are happy and have big smiles on their faces.”

Diamanda is very thankful to her General Manager, Howard, and to the Cayuga Corporate Team for giving her the opportunity to grow professionally.  In particular, Diamanda had the opportunity to travel internationally for the first time in her life a few years ago to attend cross training at Arenas del Mar, a sister property, and to attend the famous team-building Cayuga Week in Costa Rica.  She loves to learn about new Food and Beverage trends and wants to continue to learn about new tools and techniques.

In ten years’ time, Diamanda aspires to own and operate her own business.  Following her passions for food and fitness, she’d love to open a restaurant or coffee shop, or a store that sells gym equipment.  Diamanda is an ambitious, independent woman and a role model for many young Nicaraguans.  At Cayuga, we are excited to continue investing in her professional development and watching her grow alongside her equally talented colleagues.
Ready to meet Diamanda and the friendly Jicaro team?  Drop us a note or reach us at – a peaceful private island experience with plenty of delicious food awaits.

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